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housing application guide

Applying for housing is easy, but there are decisions you must make before filling out your application. With that in mind we created this housing application guide to answer most questions that students have about applying for on campus housing.

How to apply for undergraduate housing

Follow these three basic steps to complete your housing application.

1 Fill out your HFS student profile.

Go to the MyHFS homepage.

Your HFS student profile determines your eligible housing and unlocks your application on the appropriate date.

Before your application goes live, please read the Housing Agreement.

2 Submit your housing application.

When your application is available you will see it listed on your MyHFS homepage. You are now ready to complete your housing application.

Housing choices for undergraduates

No matter where you live on the UW campus, you’ll make new friends and have access to social events, learning opportunities and the academic and emotional support that make your Husky Home your own unique adventure.

Residence Halls

The traditional on-campus Husky Home experience!


An independent experience with year-round housing.

Family Housing

For married students, registered same-sex couples and students with children.

Before you apply

You will need this information during the application process:

  • Which building, bathroom type and type of room you prefer
  • If you are choosing a Living Learning Community
  • If you are interested in a gender-inclusive or mixed-gender room
  • Your choice of dining level
  • Your roommate (optional)

You will also need to 

  • Agree to the application terms 
  • Electronically sign the agreement 
  • Pay a $500 refundable deposit 

A $500 refundable deposit is required for on-campus housing. Paying the deposit is the last step in submitting your application. Some students with financial need may submit the application without a deposit and pay it later.

Room options

Living Learning Communities

Students who select a Living Learning Community (LLC) live together in the same area of a residence hall. Students have opportunities to connect outside the classroom around common interests. LLCs integrate academic and social learning through faculty and staff guidance and holistic education.

Single-gender rooms

Most shared rooms within the residence halls are assigned to two or more students of the same gender. If you don't specify your preference for a different type of assignment, you can expect to be in a room with another person or people whose gender is the same as yours according to their record with the UW.

Gender-inclusive rooms

It is important to us that all University housing options are welcoming for all students. The gender-inclusive room option is intended to provide a welcoming and supportive environment for residents across the spectrum of gender identity, gender expression, biological sex, and sexual identity, and allied members of the community.

Mixed-gender rooms

Mixed-gender rooms and apartments are open to all students, regardless of your gender.  You can specify on your application that you want to live with a person of a different gender, and put that person's student number in your application as your mutual roommate request.

If you are considering Greek life

Many students choose to join sororities or fraternities instead of living in the residence halls, and most of them participate in the formal recruitment held yearly. To learn more about the Greek formal recruitment process, please visit

Students who apply for housing with HFS and also sign up for Greek recruitment will be handled differently based on their student type, application type, and HFS cancellation date.

Fraternity pledgee

New freshmen and transfer students who pledge with a fraternity by August 31 

  • HFS will cancel the housing application at no cost
  • HFS will refund the student's deposit

All other students:

Panhellenic primary recruitment

New freshmen and transfer students who register for recruitment by August 15:

  • HFS will cancel the housing application at no cost
  • HFS will refund the student's deposit
  • Are guaranteed a space if they apply for on-campus housing after having participated in recruitment 
  • Students who accept a bid to a sorority that can't offer a space to live in the house will be able to live in on-campus housing

All other students:

Early Fall Start

Early Fall Start (EFS), is an elective program that runs from August 24–September 7, 2021, and is designed to give freshmen an early start to the academic year. As an EFS student, you are eligible to live on campus while taking your course. 

Requesting a specific roommate

You may request a specific roommate on your application. Your request will be accommodated if:

  • Both applications have identical housing preferences
  • Both applicants have the same assignment priority
  • Space is available

If you want to request a specific roommate on your housing application, you will need their UW student ID number. We cannot guarantee requested roommates will be assigned together.

Students who request and are approved for a gender-inclusive room will be assigned with another student who has requested the same. Students who request a mixed-gender room and apply with a mutually requested roommate will be assigned together in the same room.

Except as required by law, assignments to UW housing facilities provided for students are made without regard to race, color, creed, religion, national origin, age, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, or military status.

Finding a roommate

You are not required to find your own roommate; however, if you would like to, please consider the following resources:

If you don’t find a roommate on your own, we will assign one or more for you.

Select a dining level

The Resident Dining Program is a reliable and easy way for residents to eat and shop on campus. You may be required to have a dining plan unless you live in Mercer Court, Stevens Court or a studio apartment, where the dining account is optional.

Accommodation of students with disabilities 

Students with individual accommodation or accessibility needs will follow the same housing application process as all students to apply for UW housing. In addition, the student will then register with UW’s Disability Resources for Students (DRS).

Family Housing applicants with a disabled family member may follow the same guidelines for application and registration with DRS.

When to apply

Your student status and application date determines your assignment priority and how you are assigned. If demand is high, commuting distance may also be taken into consideration.

1 Newly admitted freshmen May 4–11 Randomly within priority group
2 Transfer students May 4–31 Based on priority and application date
Newly admitted freshmen May 12–31 Based on priority and application date

New freshmen and transfers

June 1–30 Based on priority and application date
4 New freshmen and transfers On or after July 1 Based on priority and application date
Continuing UW and new post-bac students On or after May 4 Based on priority and application date
5 Non matriculated students On or after May 4 Based on priority and application date

Students who wish to apply for family housing may apply any time after they've been admitted to the UW.

Room assignments

The residence halls will return to full capacity for 2021–22 as long as public health permits. Information about how rooms will be assigned will be sent in July, and room assignment notifications will be sent in mid-August.

Students who apply for 12-month apartments will participate in room selection. Information will be provided as the time nears.

Students who apply for family housing will be assigned by HFS based on availability and priority.

Vaccination requirement

The University will require students and employees to be vaccinated against COVID-19 by autumn quarter. The vaccines being administered are safe and effective, and you can be vaccinated at any provider at no cost to you. For more information, visit the UW’s COVID-19 vaccinations page.

Cancellation charges

If you decide to cancel your application and assignment, cancellation charges will be based on the date you submit your notice

Questions? We're here to help!