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The UW hosts conferences of all shapes and sizes, from academic and organization conferences, youth groups, UW-affiliated programs, to one-day meetings. We are here as your partner to help you sort out the details and specific needs of your conference and guide you toward your conference goals.

To begin planning, please fill out the appropriate conference inquiry on our Request for Proposal page.

Getting started

Throughout the year, Conference Services will work with the planner to provide specific information about our accommodations, meeting facilities, availability, services and rates.

Planning timeline

Autumn: The conference provides Conference Services with tentative dates, estimated guest counts, meeting facility requirements and other needs.

Winter: Current conference season rates are established. The Request for Use of University Facilities (RUUF) form is submitted by the conference, and UW department sponsorship is confirmed. Arrangements for room and board, meeting facilities, catering and other conference needs are finalized in the Letter of Agreement.

Spring: Prepayments are made. Name lists and reservation forms are submitted, and guests are assigned to rooms. Catering menus and counts are finalized. Meeting facilities are confirmed, and diagrams are created.

Obtain UW approval

Events involving guests from off campus require UW approval. Approval is obtained via the Use of University Facilities (UUF) form. Each conference will complete and submit the form to the Dean, Director or Chair of a UW department on the Seattle campus for preliminary approval. The form is then electronically sent to the venue operator(s) and the Committee on Use of University Facilities for final approval. Please plan ahead! This process can take several weeks, and reservations cannot be confirmed until the request is approved. Conference Services staff members are available for assistance throughout the process.

Learn more about the UUF form at the Office of Special Programs. If you have questions, please contact us.

Use the Planning Timeline as a resource to make sure the proper steps are being taken at the correct times in order to ensure a seamless and stress-free planning process. For off-campus groups, obtaining UW approval is an integral step in arranging your stay at the UW.

Reservation methods

Reservation Form: Guests make their own reservations directly with the Conference Services Office. The conference will be provided with a link to an online reservation webpage customized for the conference. The conference then places this link on its webpage. This reservation webpage will include a downloadable, printable form as an alternative for guests who do not wish to pay online with their credit card. This printed form may be mailed or faxed to the Conference Services Office to initiate the guest's reservation. A paper copy of the reservation form can be supplied to groups who will not use the Web. Conference Services will send an email confirmation to each guest after payment is processed.

A nonrefundable Housing Reservation Fee (plus tax) is added to the package rate. Reservations received after the deadline are charged a Late Reservation Fee (plus tax) and are processed on a space-available basis. 

Name List: The conference compiles a list of guests’ names and collects all fees. Conference Services will provide a specially formatted spreadsheet directly to the conference, which may require the following information for each guest: name, gender, room type, arrival date, departure date, roommate request, meal service, age and any other special accommodations. The spreadsheet must be returned to Conference Services electronically in the same format and in the same software program as originally provided. A final name list received or changed after the reservation deadline date is subject to a late fee (plus tax) per calendar day. 

A Housing Reservation Fee is not charged when this method is chosen. 

Guests should not trade rooms after check-in unless arranged through the Conference Desk.

Publicizing your event

All published information pertaining to housing, food and residence hall services must be approved by the Conference Services Office in advance. 

An advance copy of the finalized conference program must be provided to the Conference Services Office to prevent any scheduling conflicts or incorrect information.


Residence Halls: Please discuss your residence hall signage needs with Conference Services in advance. HFS policy prohibits taping or tacking signs to walls, in elevators, on elevator doors, on fire doors and in the stairwells. Most areas have bulletin boards where signs can be posted.

Campus: UW policy prohibits taping or tacking signs to buildings, grounds and trees. Prior approval from UW Facilities Services is required when posting signs and banners on the UW campus. UW Facilities Services has guidelines for posting signs and banners on campus. Contact them at 206-221-7819 if you need assistance. The UW is not responsible for damage or loss of signs. The conference is responsible for the timely removal of all signage. Failure to properly remove signage will result in additional charges for UW personnel removing the conference's signs.

Trademarks and licensing

The Trademarks and Licensing Office (phone 206-685-8600) administers the UW's licensing program to control the commercial use of the UW's name and registered trademarks. A licensing agreement may be required to secure the rights to print the UW's name or identifying marks on your products. For information on policies and procedures, please visit the UW Trademarks and Licensing page.

Housing policies and procedures

Please become familiar with our policies and procedures by reading through the links below.