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Dining and Catering

Conference dining services are designed to contribute to and enhance the success of your campus meeting or function. We work in partnership with event organizers to develop meal service and menus that will be perfect for your group.

Dining options include All-You-Care-to-Eat (AYCE) at Center Table in Willow Hall or Local Point in Lander Hall, à la carte options at various locations on campus, and/or catering from Bay Laurel Catering.

Dining on campus

Our conference dining service provides you two dining options for your conference:

Option 1: AYCE-style dining at Center Table in Willow Hall or Local Point in Lander Hall

Option 2: À la carte-style dining with a variety of menu selections at various locations on campus.

Meal service

Conference meal service at Center Table in Willow Hall and Local Point in Lander Hall offer a broad selection of menu items in an AYCE style designed to satisfy a variety of preferences. A meatless entrée is provided at every meal. A wide variety of food choices are offered that will accommodate most dietary restrictions; however, vegan and kosher options are not guaranteed.

Please advise Conference Services prior to your arrival if your guests have specific food allergies or concerns.

Conference cards

Each conference guest is issued a conference card programmed with the conference's appropriate prearranged dining program, either AYCE meals or debit dollars. These cards must be treated and safeguarded like cash. Each card can be used at any designated HFS dining location on campus.

Each time guests make a purchase with debit dollars, the amount is deducted from the balance. After each purchase, the remaining account balance is displayed on the cash register and receipt. As there is a minimum dollar amount required to spend during the guest's stay, there are no refunds for unused meal money. Guests who exceed their allotted balance can pay the difference in cash.


High-quality catering services for the greater UW campus community are provided by Bay Laurel Catering, which is the exclusive caterer for events within the UW residence halls.

Bay Laurel Catering can provide service for a variety of events, ranging from refreshment breaks to large receptions, barbecues, pizza parties and banquets.

To ensure catering needs are met, orders should be placed no less than 21 days prior to the event. The conference is responsible for securing tables and chairs for their catered events and refreshment breaks.

Off-campus caterers are prohibited from serving in HFS facilities. Use of UW residence hall kitchens is restricted to HFS personnel only. Home-prepared foods cannot be served. Prepackaged and nonperishable items are permitted if the conference takes responsibility for their disposal. A cleaning charge will be assessed if these items are left in the area.


Washington State requires a posted Washington State Liquor Control Board (WSLCB) banquet permit at all events where alcohol is served. Prior to applying to the WSLCB for a banquet permit, an Authorization to Apply for a Banquet Permit must first be submitted to the Office of the Vice Provost for Special Programs.

Please discuss this process with the Bay Laurel Catering staff when scheduling an event. They will be happy to assist in processing the necessary applications and purchasing the WSLCB banquet permit and/or alcoholic beverages for a modest service fee. Bay Laurel Catering reserves the right to control the service of all alcoholic beverages at functions that they are staffing.

Cash bars are permitted only by not-for-profit organizations. A Special Occasion License to sell alcoholic beverages is required and takes a minimum of eight weeks to process. Nonalcoholic beverages and snacks must also be provided. Please refer to the UW Administrative Policy Statement outlining alcoholic beverage service on campus at the UW Administrative Policy website.

HFS requires that alcoholic beverages be served exclusively by HFS staff. A nonalcoholic beverage and some type of meal or snacks must always be offered. The full UW policy statement concerning the serving of alcoholic beverages on campus is available from Bay Laurel Catering and can be found online at the Administrative Policy website listed above.

Guests 21 years of age and older may consume alcohol only in the privacy of their own sleeping rooms or clusters with the door closed. Minors may not be present in the same room where alcohol is being consumed unless alcohol is being served by a Bay Laurel Catering bartender. Guests must be advised of the UW alcohol use policy prior to their arrival on campus.