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Policies for Youth Groups

The Pacific Northwest and the UW offer a dynamic setting to enjoy learning. Youth groups from the United States and around the world have discovered a campus atmosphere where learning is fun, exciting and energizing.

Youth groups are characterized as those whose participants are 18 years of age or younger.


Conference Services requires 24-hour supervision of youth guests by adults 25 years of age or older. Chaperones less than 25 years of age must be discussed with and approved by Conference Services in advance. 

  • A maximum ratio of one adult for every 20 youths is required. For youths 13 years of age and younger, the ratio may be higher, depending on the program. 

  • Active supervision is required any time youths are in the residence halls and dining facilities. Coverage must be planned for ill, injured or disinterested persons who may not be taking part in activities with the rest of the group. 

  • Chaperones must reside on the same floor and share the same community bathroom as the youths.

  • Chaperones are expected to cooperate fully with UW staff to enforce Quiet Hours and correct behavioral problems. Quiet Hours are from 10 pm until 9 am; however, courtesy noise levels should be observed 24 hours a day.


All youth conference attendees will be required to attend a Resident Adviser (RA) orientation within the first 24 hours of checking into the residence halls. The conference will cooperate with Conference Services to schedule the orientation at a mutually-convenient time and location. The orientation will be presented by an RA who will explain residence hall policies and provide information about the UW and its facilities. This is an opportunity for the guests to ask questions and raise concerns. The RA staff will also walk the halls during evening hours and work with youth groups to enforce housing policies.

  • Guests are not permitted on residence hall room floors other than those assigned to the conference group.
  • Quiet Hours are in effect from 10 pm until 9 am; however, courtesy noise levels should be observed 24 hours a day.
  • Youths should be monitored to ensure they do not exhibit destructive behavior such as throwing items from windows or balconies, hanging or swinging from the hand rails or pipes, or standing on furniture. Any damages or vandalism will result in charges to the conference or to the individuals involved.
  • Hall sports such as skateboarding, throwing projectiles (e.g., balls and Frisbees), running, sliding down banisters, and elevator races are not allowed inside the residence halls or outside on the patios.
  • Exit doors are to remain locked and may not be propped open.
  • RAs will familiarize guests with building exits and the evacuation procedures listed in the Housing Information brochure located in each sleeping room.
  • Adult supervision is required any time youths are in the dining room and express markets to help maintain order.


Please adhere to the following guidelines in addition to the items covered in your RA orientation:

  • Ensure youths remain only on their assigned sleeping floor(s) and that their doors are locked at all times whether they are in their rooms or not.
  • Cooperate with the in-house RAs who walk the residence hall floors for security in the evenings and who may contact you regarding noise or behavioral concerns.
  • Chaperones and/or adult supervision is required any time youths are in the dining room to help maintain order and to ensure that their behavior is appropriate.
  • No open flames, such as candles, incense or smoking, are allowed anywhere in the residence halls including common areas, sleeping rooms, outside patios or in the dining room.
  • Provide your cell phone and pager numbers to the Conference Desk staff in case of emergencies.


A substitution of the same gender may take the place of a canceled guest through the day of check-in. A substitution of a different gender may take the place of a canceled guest through the day of check-in only if comparable accommodations are available in the conference’s block of rooms. All cancellations and substitution requests must be discussed directly with the Conference Services Office and confirmed in writing to ensure guests have been correctly accommodated and the billing is accurate.