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About Your Food

At UW Dining we believe in providing every customer a positive experience through great service and quality products.

Where Your Food Comes From

We are proud to be partners with these local and global vendors, with 52% of our purchases made within 250 miles of campus. Visit their websites to learn more. For a full list of our partners, please contact us.

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Menus of Change and UW

The UW is one of 45 colleges and universities participating in the Menus of Change initiative sponsored by the Culinary Institute of America and Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. Across campus, we continue to roll out dishes based on a plant-forward food philosophy, a creative cuisine with the accent on fruits, vegetables, whole grains, beans, legumes, soy foods, nuts, seeds, plant oils, herbs and spices. We’re creating delicious meals that also reflect evidence-based principles of health and sustainability, with a special focus on choosing healthier oils, reducing added sugar, cutting salt and including more plant protein options. For more information about the initiative, visit Menus of Change.


Special Dietary Needs

UW Dining provides many options in our venues for customers who choose to eat a vegetarian, vegan or gluten-sensitive diet. More importantly, we strive to ensure that residents with any special dietary needs are able to dine safely in our facilities. If you have any challenges navigating our menu offerings, or are in need of additional support, please schedule a dining consultation with our UW Dining Wellness Specialist, Joyce Bumgarner, at or 206-221-0516.

Please note that having a special dietary need does not waive the dining account requirement for residence hall residents.

National Leader in Sustainable Dining

For the seventh consecutive year, the UW made The Princeton Review's Green College Honor Roll, in part from efforts to serve organic, local and fair-trade food on campus. More than half of our food is produced within 250 miles of campus.

UW Dining was recognized nationally as a top performer in the 2017 Sustainable Campus Index report. Your sustainability efforts are a big reason for this achievement. Thank you! named the UW as one of “The 50 Best College Dining Experiences.”