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get ready

It's really happening, you're coming to live on campus at the University of Washington! Which means you may have a few questions. One of the best resources for new residents is our Resident Handbook (PDF). Updated each year and filled with information about:

  • Your Husky Card
  • Mail and packages
  • How to get involved with your community
  • Connecting to Wifi and the internet
  • Safety resources and emergency preparedness
  • Transporation options and more! 

Resident Handbook Cover and Table of Contents

You've probably already been there, but you may want to revisit the  web page for your building. There you can take a virtual tour, view a floor plan and see what furnishings are included.

What to bring, what not to bring

We recommend you coordinate with your roommate so you don’t duplicate larger items. The less you bring, the more space you’ll have in your room.

Download our handy checklist: What to bring, what not to bring (PDF).

Connecting to the internet

We want to help you get connected to all the computing resources that the University provides to you. This guide is designed to help you connect your computer to the UW network.

If you live in Haggett or McMahon, these buildings do not have UW-IT managed wireless, so you will need a computer with a 100/1000 Mbit/s Ethernet port and a cat-5e Ethernet cable.

Shipping items prior to move-in 

Packages can be sent to your residential community up to seven days prior to your scheduled move-in. To find your address, go to your assigned Residence Hall web page. Please consider that the residence halls receive thousands of packages around move-in. Bringing items with you when you move in will help you avoid the lines and waiting associated with package pickup.

Communications from HFS

You are responsible for reading the information we send to your mailbox, post on your room door, and send by email to your UW email account.

  • HFS will send most correspondence to applicants and residents via their UW email accounts. Be aware that if your email is forwarded to a different account, it may be filtered, refused or treated as spam.
  • HFS is not responsible for emails not received. To ensure delivery of emails from HFS to your email inbox, add, and to your email address book or list of approved contacts.

Privacy and safety 

Resident safety is one of the UW’s highest priorities. Our safety policy was developed in conjunction with UW regulations and Washington State statutes regarding student privacy. HFS will not, under any circumstances, release room numbers or telephone numbers to any unauthorized person including friends, parents and relatives. Although this policy may seem inconvenient at times, it provides residents protection and a secure living environment within the UW. We encourage students to make sure their families and friends have their address, as well as their room and telephone numbers.

Your personal information

The Family Education Right and Privacy Act (FERPA) prevents us from releasing your information to anyone other than yourself without your authorization. This includes how much you owe on your housing account.

You may authorize HFS to release information about your housing account (e.g., to your parents/guardians) by supplying their names on your Student Personal Services page.

Consider renters insurance

We encourage students to have insurance or some kind of financial protection on their property. Check with your family’s insurance policy to see if your possessions are covered under that policy or if you can get renters insurance added. If not, you may wish to purchase insurance offered by an independent company.

Questions? We're here to help