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Family Housing Incidental Charges

Charge Amount1 Charge Information

After-hours Lockout Assistance


Charged if HFS assistance is required for apartment access outside of community center hours

Boxing and Storage $50 per box Charged if items are left in your apartment or public area, requiring HFS staff to collect and store.



Mandatory, one-time, refundable charge, due when the agreement is submitted

Improper Sublicense Charge $120 Charged if you do not follow sublicensing procedures
Improper Transfer2 $70 Charged if you do not follow proper transfer procedures
Insufficient Notice

Charge Varies

Charged if you do not provide at least 30 days written notice of your intent to vacate

Key / Building Access Card Replacement


Charged for replacement of a lost mailbox key, storage room key or temporary door access card

Late Payment


Charged if payment is received more than 5 calendar days after it is due.

Laundry $1.50 Charged per load. Cash not accepted; must use Husky Card Account
Lock Change

per affected lock

Charged for a lost or misplaced apartment key

Replacement ID Card


Charged for replacing a lost or damaged Husky Card

Returned Check (NSF) Charge $25 Charged if a check written to HFS is returned for insufficient funds.
Sublicense Charge $65 Charged when you are approved for sublicensing an apartment
Transfer Charge


Charged for any voluntary transfer

Unauthorized Transfer Change1


Charged for transfers made without authorization from HFS Student Services


HFS passes along all charges associated with damage caused by a student regardless of intent. The labor rates set by the University are valid from July 1 to June 30 each fiscal year and can be found here. Labor rates do not include materials. Rates vary based on the skilled trade required to complete the specific job. When considering replacement versus repair, the most economical option will be selected.  

You may also be charged for occupying two apartments, and for boxing and storage.