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Graduate Student Housing—Rates and Information

Stevens Court

Neighborhood: West Campus

Mailing address:

3801 Brooklyn Ave NE  ####-# (apartment-room number)
Seattle, WA 98105

Agreement duration: Academic year, summer quarter

Amenities nearby:

Area 01, maker and creative space in Maple Hall

Fitness Center West, gym in Elm Hall

Single room in 4-bedroom apartment, 1 semi-private bath1082020–21 $3,291/quarter 2019–20 $3,147/quarter
Single room in 4-bedroom apartment, 2 semi-private baths2162020–21 $3,370/quarter 2019–20 $3,147/quarter
Single room in 6-bedroom apartment, semi-private bath1882020–21 $3,275/quarter 2019–20 $3,132/quarter


Four-bedroom apartment, private bath

Six-bedroom apartment, private bath

How to apply for housing

The housing application process is easy, but there are a few things to consider before you apply. We put together a handy guide to walk you through it. The guide covers room types and rates, detailed information about dining plans, when the applications go live and more.