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Center Table to transform dining on north campus

Coming to the University of Washington: Center Table, a contemporary dining destination located at the heart of three new HFS residence halls opening this autumn on the revamped North Campus. At 28,000 square feet, Center Table will offer seven innovative food stations, providing students, staff and faculty with a wide breadth of dining options plus great views of Pacific Northwest greenery. Here is a closer look at the concepts:

Using clean preparations in a stand-alone kitchen, and without the eight most common allergens, Select will satisfy all customers with a variety of delicious foods. Featured options include chef-created bowls and plates including proteins, grains and fresh veggies, in addition to rotating seasonal soups.

Located at Center Table’s entrance, Plate will feature a varying menu of American and international dishes with the accent on contemporary, trending flavors (and classic, traditional preparations).

Think seasonal specials, high-quality ingredients and, of course, tossed pies. The third campus site of Pagliacci Pizza, Seattle’s favorite pizza chain, this stand-alone eatery is located across an outdoor breezeway to prevent allergen contamination with Select.

The North Campus extension of UW’s popular Dub Street Burgers grill, Seared carries on the tradition of made-to-order burgers, fries and shakes.

Noodle offers a rotating selection of noodle-themed foods with two ordering stations, one that focuses on Asian-influenced noodle dishes, the second on fare from Italy, Spain and Germany to name a few.

As the name suggests, Quench is a drink-based concept, the place to go for seasonal specials, fruit-based lemonades and teas, hot chocolates of the world, unique bottled beverages and, of course, coffee. Quench includes a handy outdoor walk-up window option.

Fresh soups, a salad bar, and made-to-order or ready-to-go deli sandwiches add up to Market. Plus we’ll include basic comforts like dry and hot cereals, warm toast and fresh drip coffee.

Students ordering food at Plate in Center Table

The philosophy of Center Table

“We are providing thoughtful and delicious food in a safe and beautiful environment,” says Campus Executive Chef Tracey MacRae. “In addition to focusing on Menus of Change/Menus of Change University Research Collaborative (MCURC) principles, we will be inclusive of flavor trends that are both traditional and contemporary.

“Taking full advantage of our campus farm and many other local food resources, creative meals in a communal space are a continued focus of UW Dining,” Tracey noted. “Beyond the ingredients, our commitment to sustainability, reduction of waste and the lessening of food insecurity, we will continue to promote the ideology and culture that speaks to food as nourishment to us physically, socially, emotionally and spiritually.” Having a modern, spacious and efficient facility to provide this service further drives the staff’s passion, urge to innovate and expansion of capabilities.

Center Table incorporates

  • Flexible cook-to-flow design method
  • Customer-first customized dish options
  • Gathering place feel for eating and more
  • Outdoor breezeway and outdoor patio with a varied look and feel


Center Table is located on the ground level of Willow Hall, one of three new HFS North Campus residence halls. The building will be certified LEED Gold. Center Table is designed with a focus on resource-conservation systems because large kitchens use lots of energy and water.

The setting

With seating for more than 500, Center Table offers plenty of Pacific Northwest views and a neighborhood ambience for our three new North Campus residence halls. Replacing The 8, the dining facility in the older McMahon Hall, Center Table will be staffed by The 8’s friendly and experienced team. It all adds up to a prime dining and gathering place experience for students, staff, faculty and visitors, all around Center Table.