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Fork and Fin Food Truck Visits and Delights UW Diners

Last Tuesday, Feb. 27, at McMahon Hall and Thursday at Lander Hall, Trident Seafood’s Fork & Fin food truck pulled up and began offering free samples of their sustainable Alaskan seafood. It was all part of creative way to let students know UW Dining is now serving seafood dishes from the truck’s parent company through the US Foods distributor. 

As he hawked, so to speak, the chance to try fresh Alaskan Pollock served as fish (and chips) or on a soft taco, Trident's Lo Reichert noted the fish “has a very low-carbon footprint. It’s the most abundant and sustainable fish, and we’re not using a lot of fuel to get that fish.”

Sustainability is a great goal, but the validation is in the eating, and judging by the students’ lining up for the samples (and returning for the other recipe), the fish passed the taste test.

“It was a win-win,” said Kara Carlson, HFS Purchasing and Project Specialist, “because we created a fun event for students and promoted sustainable seafood, while Trident was able to promote its product and truck.”

That combination of fun, good (nutritional) food was a winning combo. “Thanks for having us out to promote McMahon Hall’s new Wild Alaskan Pollock menu addition,” said Reichert. “We found the students a real pleasure and very receptive.”

UW Dining will continue to feature recipes featuring Trident’s Alaskan Pollock through the school year as part of a larger framework of making more nutritious and sustainable offerings available the student and staff customers.