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Licensed Starbucks Leads Become Operationally Certified

This past December, Leads for the two licensed Starbucks stores on campus (Suzzallo and Husky Den) embarked on a three-day deep dive that covered all aspects of operating a Starbucks unit. According to Heidi Antush, Starbucks Brand Manager, one requirement of operating Licensed Stores is that baristas in a leadership role—in HFS' case Barista Leads, Student Coordinators and Managers—complete Licensed Store Leader Training: Daily Operations.

The training material is organized around three main topics: Running Shifts with Customers at Our Core; Solving Problems; and Creating the Environment. To achieve certification, baristas record learnings in a journal and complete several activities. The final skill check asks the barista to lead a shift as the play caller. “The work is observed and baristas must successfully demonstrate shift planning and transitioning skills, understanding of deployment principles, and flexing the shift plan," noted Heidi.

Typically, newly promoted or recently hired leaders would work one-on-one with a trainer. In this case, the training involved a large group since properly and effectively aligning with the Starbucks brand approach required hiring additional managers to provide the necessary support to end a certification deficit. Adapting the material to a group setting, as well the absence of licensee-specific material—for example, Target and Safeway have training materials specific to their own unique operations—were some of the challenges the leadership team faced.

On the final day of the training, the Leads and two student coordinators participated in the live exercise that was observed and evaluated by Heidi, Joseph Maurey, manager coffee roasting and training, who developed training materials, and the management team. At the completion of the training, Amanda Baker of Starbucks reviewed the certification individually with all the participants who had the chance to speak about their strengths, opportunities for growth, and concerns.
The Leads and student coordinators (as well as the Managers) are now operationally certified. That means their knowledge and perspective can be applied to the maintaining of Starbucks standards and strengthening the capabilities of Starbucks baristas, who are also barista basic certified.

Billie Jo Hinrichs, regional director licensed stores, Northwest Washington, wrote: “Over the last few months, this leadership team has worked diligently to uplift each other and build a strong partnership of trust that is paying off for the present and the future."

“This training opportunity reinforced Dining's commitment achieving excellence in store operations," added Heidi, “and it also helped our team to be more confident and capable in their roles." 

Congratulations to all those involved!

Dining Managers:
Heidi Antush
Joseph Maurey
Kevin Hauschild
Erina Riley
Becky Ryser

Classified staff:
Samiyah Orsini
Janie Garza
Nick Contreras
Chastity Rodriguez

Student Coordinators:
Jaclyn Hill
Irene Harun
Starbucks representatives:
Amanda Baker
Billie Jo Henrichs