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The Bollywood Exercise Break

Farzana Khan, Human Resources Manager for Recruitment, found a creative way to bring music and dance into the Zoom universe.

June 2020

Before COVID-19 had impacted campus, Farzana Khan, Human Resources (HR) Manager for Recruitment, began leading a weekly Bollywood music dance break in the HR office. The HR team was aware of Farzana’s love of cinema and for her East Indian culture. So in January, Farzana and her colleagues took a break on Friday afternoons, a chance to move around and be active. For Farzana the upbeat and lively syncopated music “makes one want to get up and dance. Dance is the thread of Bollywood cinema and is expressed at cultural festivals all over India.”
Other unit staff members would be walking by the HR office, saw the dancing and wondered what was going on. Farzana cordially invited them to join in. Then COVID-19 happened, many staff began working remotely, and HR Associate Director Cheryl Ewaldsen suggested using Zoom to continue the weekly break for anyone who might be interested. Each week the number of staff throughout HFS taking part continues to grow.
Farzana says she does not give any formal direction for the lively dance moves. Some staff follow her steps while others go freestyle. “It is just an opportunity to be active and connect with each other,” says Farzana, who has worked at HFS for years. “Working remotely has been an adjustment for us all. I feel we may not always get up as frequently as we used to from our desks at the office. This give us a moment to remind us how important being active and staying healthy is, both for our physical and mental health. Plus, it is just for fun.”
To join in, go to this Zoom link,, Fridays at 3 p.m. for 10 minutes.