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WASH Scholarship Funds Awarded to Students

A new scholarship fund is aiding HFS residents who might face unexpected financial hardships, a situation that could affect their success as a student. Last summer, WASH Multifamily Laundry Systems, the HFS laundry vendor, started a yearly fund with a $11,500 donation to continue up to eight years as part of the company’s master contract with HFS.

HFS, in consultation with the Residential Community Student Association (RCSA), decided that one hundred percent of these funds would be used to create an emergency aid program to support students and help them complete their academic journey at the UW.

Those funds are available through the UW Emergency Aid Lab program, which has been providing educational access and opportunity for students needing help paying for emergency medical costs, food, housing or other unexpected financial crises.

The HFS funds are set aside for students living in a residence hall, apartment or family housing area. The students need to show they have a financial need as well as an unpaid HFS account bill.

When a student requests funding through an online form (found on the UW’s Emergency Aid web page), UW Financial Aid reviews the case and forwards the information to the Emergency Aid Triage Team, which includes representation by Ashlee Norris, HFS Student Services Operations and Accounts Manager. Final decisions include consideration of the WASH scholarship, if eligible.

Once approved, the WASH scholarship funds are applied to the students housing and dining account.

Ashlee commented that it’s been very rewarding to sit on the emergency aid triage team and work with campus partners to find quick solutions for students in need of financial assistance.

WASH Scholarship committee members who organized the criteria for the program include:

  • Josh Gana (sponsor)

  • Brian Kerrick (chair)

  • Erica Barton

  • Ashlee Norris

  • JoAnna Olson

  • Jill Thompson