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Terms and Conditions

Payments and cancellations

Housing for interns at the University of Washington is limited and offered on a first-come, first-served basis.

A $250.00 housing deposit holds your reservation and will be retained as a damage deposit or to cover additional charges. If you cancel your reservation or do not check-in, the deposit will be retained by Conference Services and no refund will be made. If no damages are found in your room or apartment after move-out, the housing deposit will be refunded. 

All housing payments are payable in full prior to check-in.

Communications and computer resources

Once your reservation has been processed, you will be sent an email confirming your reservation and providing additional orientation information. Guests may check in any time after 2 p.m. on arrival date and must checkout by 11 a.m. on departure date.

You agree to read all correspondence and information sent by Conference Services to either the primary email address you provide or to your assigned HFS mailbox or notices posted on your building, room or apartment doors. You agree to promptly respond, if requested.

You agree to use University computing resources in accordance with all University policies and applicable laws, including, but not limited to, the University’s Guidelines for Appropriate Use of University Resources

Assignment and checkout

All assignments will be made by Conference Services. Mutual same gender suite mate requests will be honored when possible.

Do not swap rooms, apartments, keys, or conference cards with others without first processing changes with Conference Services. Contact us if you need to make changes.

Checkout dates

  • The latest available departure date for Residence Hall accommodations is Sunday, August 14, 2022
  • The latest available departure date for Stevens Court accommodations is Sunday, September 4, 2022. 

For interns residing in Stevens Court, a limited number of rooms are available for late departures from Monday, September 5 to Friday, September 10, 2022. These rooms are located in other residence halls and will require visiting interns to move from their primary summer housing assignment. Interns must depart no later than 8:00 a.m. on their late departure checkout date.

Extension of your checkout date is subject to availability and written approval of Conference Services. Additional charges for a checkout date later than originally contracted will be due in full at the time the extension is approved.

If after check-in an intern wishes to shorten the length of their stay by changing their checkout date, a minimum advance notice of one business day is required. Refunds for less than 28 nights will not be made. Any guest initiated changes resulting in a refund will incur a $20.00 refund processing fee.

Instructions for the room/apartment checkout process will be provided at check-in. To receive refund of your $250.00 deposit (for damages or to cover additional charges) the complete checkout process will be required, including a satisfactory room/apartment inspection.

Interns agree to keep their rooms and apartments clean, including taking out trash and recycling. Failure to leave rooms and apartments clean at move-out, including apartment kitchens and appliances, may cause charges for additional cleaning by Conference Services which will be charged to the intern or pro-rated to all registered apartment residents regardless of date of departure.

Laundry and kitchens

Linen packets provided include basic bed and bath linens (sheets, pillows, towels, etc.). The replacement cost for items not returned at checkout will be charged to the intern.

Washers and dryers are located on site and accessible 24/7. Funds adequate for 20 wash or dry cycles ($1.50/cycle) are provided and pre-loaded on your conference card issued at check-in. Additional funds can be added at the Lander Hall Conference Desk. (Laundry machines do not accept cash or credit cards.)

Kitchens in shared, multi-bedroom apartments are equipped with full-size appliances but do not include coffeemakers, toasters, cooking pans and utensils, plates, glassware, silverware and other service supplies.

Construction on campus

During your stay, the University may be conducting construction and renovation of buildings. Rerouting of vehicular and pedestrian traffic, noise, dust, and other customary consequences of construction activity may occur. 

Guests and pets

Unregistered overnight guests are not permitted. Only registered interns are allowed to stay in University housing. Pets are not allowed. 

Smoking and alcohol

No smoking of any kind, including electronic cigarettes or vaporizers, is permitted in any room or apartment or University building. If Conference Services determines, in its sole discretion, that smoking has occurred in any room or apartment during the intern’s stay, a minimum $250.00 cleaning fee will be charged to the intern. Smoking outdoors is limited to specifically designated locations.

Alcohol may be consumed by interns who are 21 years of age or older. Alcohol may only be consumed in the privacy of your room or apartment but never in the presence of anyone under 21 years of age. Alcohol may never be consumed in public areas, including lounges, decks, patios or any outdoor campus area.

Prohibited activities

Marijuana use anywhere on University property, including in the residences, is illegal and prohibited. Possession of a medical marijuana license or prescription does not provide exemption from this policy.

Recreational or dangerous drugs are strictly prohibited, as are weapons of any kind. You agree to respect and take good care of University property and to not conduct illegal or hazardous activity on University property.

Interns will be held liable for any damages to University property. If individual responsibility for damages in a shared apartment cannot be determined, the cost of repairs may be prorated to all apartment residents regardless of individual departure dates or the order of guest departure.

Parking and transit

Parking on campus is limited, time consuming to arrange and expensive. We encourage guests to make use of the convenient, affordable bus and light rail systems in Seattle. If you must have a car, parking near the residence halls can be arranged only through UW Transportation Services.

Lost keys, cards and fobs

Replacement of lost keys, conference cards and building access fobs can be done at the Lander Hall Conference Desk. The replacement fee of lost key sets is $120.00 (plus tax). Replacement fees for lost conference cards and building access fobs are $10.00 (plus tax) each.

Safety on campus

Housing & Food Services and the University of Washington shall accept no responsibility and assume no liability for the theft or other loss of money, valuables or personal effects of the intern. 

The responsibility for personal safety and the security of personal belongings rests at all times with the intern. 

Any property left after the intern is scheduled to vacate their accommodations will be deemed abandoned and shall become property of the University of Washington to be disposed of at the University's sole discretion.

Room inspections and maintenance

University of Washington and Housing & Food Services staff will periodically access apartments and residence hall rooms for inspection and maintenance. When possible, advance notice will be provided.


By your agreement to and acceptance of these terms and conditions, you authorize the University of Washington to charge you for costs incurred after the accompanying reservation form has been submitted. Additional charges can be, but are not limited to, additional nights of lodging, parking, damages, or unreturned keys and building access fobs. Conference Services reserves the right to terminate this housing agreement without prior notice any intern due to violation of these terms and conditions or due to misconduct or violation of University policies.