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The Mill

Maker Space

Student using equipment in The Mill

The MILL makerspace is a high- and low-tech environment that features 3-D printers, a laser cutter, art and design tools such as advanced sewing machines, small tools and workspace for printed circuit board and interactive electronic objects work, and a kiln.

The makerspace provides UW students, staff, and faculty with the tools and resources to build and prototype their next great idea! Come to the makerspace and make the most of a social, multidisciplinary and collaborative environment that connects you with UW's creative community.

How it works

Anyone interested in using The MILL maker space must first complete our user agreement and online safety training. This training is to ensure that you can use the lab space safely.

Please note: The user agreement and safety training must be completed annually.

Professional-grade equipment and tools

Featuring industry-standard equipment, generally unavailable to students in any other nonacademic campus venue, The MILL will be a place where you can develop skills on the machines and tools that professionals use.

  • Dremel 3D45-01 3-D printers
  • Stratasys F170 3-D printers
  • 3D Systems 3-D scanner
  • Pocket NC V2 5-axis desktop CNC
  • Bantam 3-axis desktop CNC
  • Tormach 3-axis CNC machine
  • Roland TrueVis VG-540 vinyl cutter/printer
  • Roland Verra UV LEF-300 UV printer
  • Omax waterjet cutter
  • Epilog M2 32/40 laser cutters
  • Grizzly Brand machining equipment
  • Brother SB700T sewing machines
  • Brother Simplicity SB3734T Serger sewing machine
  • Brother Entrepreneur Pro X embroidery machine
  • Soldering and circuit board assembly equipment
  • Deltabots 3D PotterBot 7 3D ceramic printer
  • Intertek top-loading round kiln
  • Raise 3D N2 Plus Dual Extruder
  • Kidder acrylic stripheater