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Move-in 12-month

We are confident, and you should be too, that during all this uncertainty and disruption, your Husky Home will be a place of safety and comfort while you focus on school. We are excited to welcome our 12-month residents to your new Husky Home!

Residents moving-in spring quarter 2021

Save the date! Sunday, March 28 from 12 noon–3:30 pm

Moving into Cedar Apartments or Mercer Court

  1. Drive to the W10 parking lot, located on Cowlitz Rd. You will temporarily park here while you walk to  Alder Commons to pick up your keys, mask, and red emergency backpack (new residents only).
  2. After picking up your items, proceed to the unload area for your building. There will be signs directing you from W10.
Cedar Apartments Street parking in front of Cedar Apartments (41st St.)
Mercer Court
  • W33 parking garage or
  • W10 parking lot or
  • Between Mercer Court and Stevens Court

Moving into Nordheim Court

  1. Drive to the Nordheim Court Parking Garage. You will park here while you go pick up your keys, mask, and red emergency backpack (new residents only) from the Nordheim Court Front Desk (located in building #2).
  2. After picking up your items, you may begin unloading your belongings. You may stay parked in the Nordheim Court parking garage while you unload.

Coronavirus rules for move-in

  • A limit of two people can arrive with you to help you move in. No pets are allowed during move-in.
  • Only one vehicle can be used per student to move in.
  • Face coverings are required. At the UW, you must wear a face covering when you are inside, when other people are present (this includes common areas, such as hallways, stairways, restrooms and elevators) and outdoors when keeping a six-foot distance from others may not be possible. Please ensure you are wearing a face covering when you arrive to move-in.
  • Carts will be available for check-out in the lobby area of all communities. Carts will be sanitized between each use using EPA-registered disinfectants.
  • All staff assisting during move-in will be required to wear surgical masks. All staff will complete daily COVID-19 attestation forms and will not be working on this day if they are experiencing symptoms.
  • Elevators are available in each of our communities. We ask that you please follow posted guidelines and occupancy limits for elevator use. Hand sanitizer will be available for use near elevators.

When you check-in

When you arrive at your designated check-in area, you will be directed to the check-in location for your building. You will be asked for your Husky Card or another form of photo ID to receive your room and mailbox keys.

The Husky Card is your key card for access to your building. If you don’t receive your card before you move in, you will need to obtain one from the Husky Card Account & ID Center (Husky Card Office), located on the ground floor of Odegaard Undergraduate Library. Please check their current operating hours.


You will be given your room and mailbox keys when you arrive to your building. The keys are assigned to you uniquely; avoid switching keys with a roommate. Report lost or stolen keys to your front desk immediately.

Red emergency backpack

New residents are provided with a red emergency backpack when they first check into their residential community. You will receive this at check-in if applicable. This comprehensive kit includes water, food rations and other emergency supplies. The contents will remain viable for several years. Please keep your red emergency backpack for as long as you live with us.

Unloading your vehicle

Large carts will be available at each building to help you unload your belongings and bring them to your room. Carts are sanitized in between each use.

Taxi, Uber, Lyft or shuttle

If you are coming to campus directly from Sea-Tac Airport, there are several transportation options. Please visit Sea-Tac Airport’s main transportation page to decide the best way for you to travel.

Please direct your driver to your check-in location below:


Cedar Apartments

Mercer Court

Students arriving in a taxi/ride-share/shuttle to these buildings should go to Alder Commons for check-in.

Nordheim Court

Students arriving in a taxi/ride share/shuttle should go directly to Nordheim Court to check-in.

Getting ready to set up your room

You’ve just received your University of Washington (UW) housing assignment and have many questions. You can start finding answers by looking at the web page for your building. There you can take a virtual tour, view a floor plan, and get information about the furnishings included.

We recommend you coordinate with your roommates so you don’t bring duplicates of larger items. The less you bring, the more space you’ll have in your room.

What to bring, what not to bring

Refrigerators and microwave ovens

You may rent a small micro-fridge (microwave oven and refrigerator) from Collegiate Concepts Inc. (CCI). Arrangements for payment and delivery may be made directly with CCI. Complete information is provided on their website. Alternatively, you may choose to bring your own refrigerator (4.4 cubic feet or less) or microwave oven (700 watt maximum), one per room. We recommend that you coordinate with your roommate(s) before buying or ordering a refrigerator for your room.


Residence hall beds are extra-long, and XL twin sheets fit best. Residential Life Student Leadership has partnered with On Campus Marketing (OCM) to make sure our students have an easy, affordable way to purchase bedding and campus living needs. Please visit On Campus Marketing for more information and to place an order. Purchasing items through On Campus Marketing directly benefits residents, as our Residential Life student leadership teams receive money from each purchase made that is used to plan fun events for students living on campus.

Things to consider

  • You are responsible for reading the information sent to your mailbox, posted on your room door, and/or sent by electronic communication to your UW email account by HFS. HFS will send most correspondence to applicants and residents via their UW email accounts. Please note that if you forward your UW email to a different account, it may be filtered, refused or treated as spam. HFS is not responsible for emails not received. To ensure delivery of emails from HFS to your email inbox, add, and to your email address book or list of approved senders
  • You are encouraged to insure your personal belongings. Check with your family’s insurance policy to see if your possessions are covered under that policy or if you can get renters insurance added. If not, you may wish to purchase insurance offered by an independent company.
  • The Family Education Right and Privacy Act (FERPA) prevents us from releasing your information, including how much you owe on your housing account, to anyone other than yourself without your authorization. You may authorize HFS to release information about your housing account (e.g., to your parents/guardians) by supplying their names on your Student Personal Services page.
  • HFS will not release room numbers to any unauthorized person including friends, parents and relatives.

Shipping items prior to move-in

Packages can be sent to your residential community up to seven days prior to your scheduled move-in. You can find your mailing address on your building's webpage. Please consider that the residence halls will receive thousands of packages around move-in. Bringing items with you when you move in will help you avoid the lines and waiting associated with package pickup.

You will receive a notification to your UW email from HFS Desk Services when your front desk receives your package. Please make sure to add as an accepted sender in your email. Upon move-in, any packages that were not previously delivered to your room will be available for pickup at your residence hall’s front desk. Check the contact us page for your desk's contacts and location.