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Residence Hall dining account

Student getting lunch at Local Point in Lander Hall

All students living in residence halls are required to have a dining account unless they live in Mercer Court, Nordheim Court, Stevens Court or a studio apartment.

For those students choosing to live in an apartment, we offer an apartment dining account tailored for students who have a kitchen and live life on-the-go.

How to select your dining account

You will choose your dining account level, the amount you want to spend each month, when you apply for housing.

Go to MyHFS homepage 

How your dining account works

The residence hall dining account has several levels so you can choose the one that meets your needs. At the beginning of each quarter the amount you chose is loaded into your dining account for you to spend.

You can use your dining account at any on-campus dining location at any time. If the location is open, you can eat there using your dining account. You can also use your dining account at most vending machines on campus.

Your Husky Card is how you pay using your dining account. All campus dining cash registers are programmed to “read” your card and know that you have a dining account. Each time you purchase food the amount is deducted from your dining account—just like a debit card. Food purchases will always be deducted from your dining account as long as there are funds available in that account.

Your Husky Card is your dining account card

One card, two separate accounts

Husky Card is used for your dining account and your Husky Card account

Manage your account balance

It’s easy to keep track of your balance—look for it displayed on the cash register when you make a purchase. You can also track your dining account balance online.

Run out of Dining Account Funds?

If you have run out of money on your Dining account, you are not able to add more funds to it. Instead, you can add funds to your Husky Card Account via the Online Card Office and use the funds at all the same locations you would use your dining.

Unused account balance

Your unused account balance rolls over from quarter to quarter until the end of your agreement period. Dining funds are nonrefundable and nontransferable. We recommend you monitor and adjust your dining account level each quarter to avoid having a balance left over at the end of the year.

Select a dining account level

The average cost of a meal on campus is between $7–$11. We broke Levels 1–6 down into daily budgets to help you decide what works for you. 

Quarterly payment $1,045 $1,187 $1,330 $1,472 $1,756 $2,339
Daily budget (approx.) $14 $16 $18 $20 $23 $31

Summer and Early Fall Start

If you are living on campus during Summer quarter or Early Fall Start you can find dining account information in the Early Fall Start Housing Application Guide (PDF) and the Summer Housing Application Guide (PDF).

Make changes to your dining account

Selecting the right dining level to match your lifestyle isn’t an exact science. If you want to change your dining account level you can. You may change to a lower dining level for an upcoming quarter by making your request before these deadlines:

Autumn quarter by August 31, 2021
Winter quarter by November 30, 2021
Spring quarter by February 28, 2022

If you have any questions about your dining account, please contact us. We are happy to help!

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