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Facts & Figures

Physical resources

HFS opened three new residence halls this year, completing the first part of the redevelopment of North Campus housing. Next up is the construction of Oak Hall, the final project in the decade-long Housing Master Plan.

Residential housing

Total residence halls: 12
Alder Hall, Elm Hall, Haggett Hall, Hansee Hall, Lander Hall, Madrona Hall, Maple Hall, McCarty Hall, McMahon Hall, Mercer Court A–B, Poplar Hall, Terry Hall, Willow Hall

Total apartments: 8
Blakeley Village, Cedar Apartments, Commodore Duchess Apartments, Laurel Village, Mercer Court C–E, Nordheim Court, Radford Court, Stevens Court

Operating capacities: (By number of beds, unless noted) Alder Hall 644, Cedar Apartments 344, Elm Hall 539, Haggett Hall 403, Hansee Hall 336, Lander Hall 678, Madrona Hall 521, Maple Hall 886, McMahon Hall 1,040, McCarty Hall 936, Mercer Court A–C 636, Mercer Court D–E 285, Nordheim Court 460, Poplar Hall 271, Stevens Court 518, Terry Hall 313, Willow Hall 548, Blakeley Village 79 units, Commodore Duchess 139 units Laurel Village 80 units, Radford Court 399 units, Stevens Court Family Housing 35 units.

The designations “9-month” and “12-month” refer to the lengths of housing agreements. The 9-month agreement group is mostly made up of residence hall students, with a few 9-month agreement apartment occupants. The 12-month agreement group has apartment occupants on a full-year agreement.

2018-19 Capacity/Occupancy

Based on 10th-Day Stats -- does not include Commodore Duchess, Radford Court, Laurel Village, Blakeley Village or Stevens Court Family Housing.

  9-Month 12-Month Total
As-Built 7,665 1,089 8,754
Overflow 608 0 608
Operating Capacity 8,273 1,089 9,362
Occupancy 8,365 1,079 9,444
% of Capacity 109.1% 99.1%




Female: 54.1%
Male: 45.9%

Freshmen living on campus
2018: 72.7% (5,188 applicants out of 7,141 enrolled)
2017: 68.1% (4,616 applicants out of 6,774 enrolled)

Resident Retention (based on spring quarter capacities)
2018: 42.6% (3,610 returners)
2017: 41.5% (3,414 returners)

Total applications for HFS housing (before cancellations)
2018: 11,904
2017: 11,090

Dining Data

Residential Dining Locations: 2
Grocery/Convenience Markets: 4
Espresso/Coffee Cafes: 13
Restaurants: 16
Food Trucks: 3

Number of Meal Plans Sold: 6,875
Annual Dining Program Revenues: $47 million total sales for FY18
Cost Range of Residential Meal Plans: $856-$2,028 per quarter
Average daily customer count during the academic year: Over 40,000
Total dining transactions for the past academic year: 5,371,808

  • Highest daily customer counts during the academic year:‚Äč
  • Residential Dining: Local Point
  • Grocery/Convenience Market: District Market
  • Cafe: Suzzallo Starbucks
  • Food truck: Motosurf

The District Market generally does nearly 5,000 daily transactions.

Residential Education

Living Learning Communities
Arts: Elm Hall, 105 students
Business: Madrona Hall, 115 students
Engineering: Maple Hall, 884 students
Global Experience: Haggett Hall, 50 students
Honors: Terry Hall, 182 students
Pre-Health Sciences: Alder Hall, 243 students

Leadership, service and employment opportunities
Budget Advisory Committee: 12 students
Residential Community Student Association (RCSA): 25
Residence Education Programmers (REP): 8 students
Residential Programming Board (RPB): 8 students
Students Expressing Environmental Dedication (SEED)
Residential Community Standards Committee: 18 students
Resident Advisers: 168 students

HFS employs about 1,000 students during the academic year.