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UW Housing & Food Services (HFS) is an integral partner in the University’s drive to provide vibrant student life and educational opportunities. HFS provides students with housing that meets their needs, promotes community, supports their academic success, leadership development and social connections, and facilitates campus engagement.

As a self-sustaining auxiliary department, HFS operates without outside financial assistance, including UW or state funds. As a result, the services it provides are paid for by those who directly benefit from them (i.e., residents, customers and guests).


  • 2021-22 Total Housing Capacity = 10,385


  • Two residential dining venues—Local Point and Center Table—with over 350,782 transactions FY19

  • Three student community centers—Area 01, The 8 and The MILL—and Fitness Center West
  • District Market grocery on West Campus, with about 1,300 transactions daily


  • HFS partners with a number of UW academic departments and programs, supporting class space needs, enhancements to course offerings, co-curricular activities and research.  

HFS’ support for student success

  • Offers six Living Learning Communities housing 1,680 students
  • Provides 150 study spaces in HFS facilities
  • Employs over 1,000 students
  • Provides student-leadership opportunities, including 200 residential student staff members responsible for building community, and over 200 leader volunteer roles
  • Advises student programming boards, which coordinate over 100 events for residents each year

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Who we are

We believe that care is the most essential ingredient of our business. It makes us work as people, for other people. It helps us create experiences that are meaningful for our students. Care adds value to the lives of the people we serve.

A great outcome or experience for a student is a great source of pride for us. We have gathered a short collection of student stories about their lives and Husky Home experiences that make us very proud to say we’re UW HFS. 

Our residents say…

Housing & Food Services at work

Undergraduate students in Poplar Hall lounge

HFS Resource Guide

This report contains HFS facts and figures relevant to the 2018–2019 academic year.

West campus residence halls, Lake Union and downtown Seattle

Housing Master Plan

West Campus work is completed. Work on the first phase of the North Campus redevelopment is complete, with the second phase to be completed in Autumn 2021.

Pamela Schreiber talking with Erica Barton

HFS Leadership

Meet Executive Director Pam Schreiber and her senior leadership team.

UW Farm at Mercer Court Apartments

HFS Sustainability

Sustainability is integral to our operational strategy. Read more about the positive impact our business has on the environment and our community.

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