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Resident students sitting outside the Housing & Food Services offices

We are here to foster holistic learning. This is our passion. Everything we do is about creating opportunities for our students to grow in all aspects of their lives.

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Housing & Food Services News

Reusable Cups Keep Over 7 Tons of Waste Out of Landfills

Remember how at the start of the school year residents on the Level 1-6 meal plans got a free 16 oz. reusable cup, good for hot or cold beverages? The idea was that by using these durable cups rather than compostables, students would have a smaller impact on the environment, which would also lead to a cost savings for the purchase of cups and lids.

Fork & Fin Food Truck Brings Sustainable Seafood Visibility to UW Campus

Last Tuesday, Feb. 27, at McMahon Hall and Thursday at Lander Hall, Trident Seafood’s Fork & Fin food truck pulled up and began offering free samples of their sustainable Alaskan seafood. It was all part of creative way to let students know UW Dining is now serving seafood dishes from the truck’s parent company through the US Foods distributor. At both locations, students and staff were treated to Alaskan Pollock served as fish (and chips) or on a soft taco.

Journey Through Food: Celebration of Black History Month 2018

In what has become a highly anticipated yearly dining adventure, Campus Executive Chef Tracey MacRae and UW Dining staff are offering a month’s worth of African-originated cuisine during February’s Black History Month. 

SUBWAY's 20-Year Run in the HUB Coming to an End

On February 9, 2018, SUBWAY will be closing its doors after two decades. Rather than limit options by renewing a nonnegotiable 20-year contract with the national chain, UW Dining conducted a complete evaluation, including extensive customer feedback to determine what you, the customer, wanted.

HFS: Engaging the Equity Journey

In April 2015, President Cauce proposed the Race and Equity Initiative, which was itself a response to ongoing situations local and national as well as her personal experiences. HFS and other UW departments responded in turn by enlarging existing plans or developing new ones to address the themes of racial and social inequalities.

Housing and Food Services at Work

Residents during group meeting

HFS Resource Guide

This report contains HFS facts and figures relevant to the 2017–18 academic year.

Architectural rendering of North Campus residence hall

Housing Master Plan

West Campus work is completed. Work on the first phase of the North Campus redevelopment is underway.

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Race and Equity Initiative

In April 2015, then-Interim President Ana Mari Cauce held a dialogue with students about equity, racism and difference. We continue this discussion inside and outside HFS with our staff, students and partners.

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