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Bay Laurel Catering

Catering Policies

Please read the following information to ensure you have all the details to make your event a success. If you need additional information, please contact us at or touch base with your Catering Sales Representative.

Availability and booking lead times

Availability to provide services is not guaranteed. We recommend submitting your service request at least two weeks in advance, earlier if possible.

Event space and facilities

Conference Services can assist you with reserving space in the following HFS-operated facilities. Please send an email to to check availability, rates and booking information. HFS locations include:

  • Alder Hall
  • Hansee Hall
  • Lander Hall
  • Madrona Hall
  • McMahon Hall
  • Oak Hall

There are many other facilities on campus that provide event space for rent. UW Building Coordinators should be contacted directly for more information and reservations.

Use of UW facilities by non-UW organizations

Visit the UUFC Info page for more information on the approval process and requirements.

Fees, payments and gratuities

  • In compliance with state laws, UW employees are not allowed to accept gratuities (RCW 42.52.140).
  • Food purchased through UW cost centers or grants is exempt from state sales tax.
  • Washington State sales tax of 10.25 percent is added to purchases on non-UW accounts.
  • Full payment of estimated charges is due three business days prior to the event for individuals and off-campus businesses.
  • Payments can be made by e-check or credit card.
  • Additional or remaining charges will be billed after the event and payment is due within 30 days.
  • Menu prices are subject to change without advance notice due to market fluctuations.

Minimum orders

  • Consider picking up your order from our facility in Willow Hall if it doesn't meet the minimum requirements.
  • No delivery fee is charged for picking up from our location.
  • Minimum order quantities may be waived for services in HFS buildings.
  • Buffet and menu packages are priced per guest.
  • Additional labor and a 30% service fee will be applied if multiple buffet menus or packages are ordered for the same event.
  • Options for dietary restrictions are available (please speak with your Catering Sales Representative).
  • For boxed meal orders, limit selection to four varieties per fifty guests.
  • For additional selections, please speak with your Catering Sales Representative.

Allergen information

  • All HFS Chefs have ServSafe and food allergen certification.
  • HFS facilities handle common allergens including dairy, eggs, fish, nuts, shellfish, soy and wheat.
  • Special requests to omit allergens are accommodated to the extent possible.
  • BLC is unable to guarantee 100%-allergen-free items due to external vendors and sources.

Contact your Catering Sales Representative for questions or concerns about special guest requirements.

Linen and service wares

  • Complementary white linen is provided for the food and beverage or bar tables.
  • Upgrade to black or champagne linen for an additional $5.00 per table.
  • Clients may order extra linen for $17.00 per table for white or $20.00 per table for black or champagne.
  • When ordering a large number of linen, check with the service team first for color and availability.
  • Linen sizes (in inches): 52 x 52, 71 x 71, 85 x 85 or 120 x 60

If you have an event that will need a large amount of linen or napkins, please provide the service team with about four weeks advanced notice.

  • Complimentary compostable service ware is included for all events unless requested otherwise.
  • China service—$3.00 per person on attended events.

Alcohol service

  • Bartenders are state certified for beer, wine and liquor service.
  • Staff fees are included in bar setup.
  • No tips or gratuities are accepted.
  • One bar required per 100 guests (includes portable bar with setup and cleanup).
  • Bar glassware is available for $1 per guest.
  • Minimum sales guarantee of $375.00 per bar (billed if guarantee is not met).
  • Additional bar service charged at $185.00 per bar, per hour.
  • Washington State sales tax is included in drink prices.
  • Hosted-bar service is available for alcohol-approved UW department budgets and invoice payments.
  • Beverage ticket service is available.
  • Hosted-bar beverage charges are based on consumption.

Special Occasion License and Banquet Permit

  • Fundraisers require a Special Occasion License from Olympia, WA. The client obtains their own alcohol and sets bar prices.
  • Completing the Alcohol Service form is required for serving alcohol on campus.
  • Off-campus groups may need liquor-liability insurance with a minimum coverage of $2,000,000 per occurrence.
  • The client shall provide their Catering Sales Representative with a certificate of such coverage.
  • The client must obtain permission from the UW prior to serving alcohol on the UW campus.

For information and forms for alcohol service on campus, please see our Alcohol Service page.

Final guarantee of attendance

  • Preferred minimum of two-week advance requested for event submission requests.
  • Final guarantee of attendance is required by 10 a.m. five business days prior to the event.
  • The guaranteed number of attendees cannot be reduced after the deadline.
  • If no guarantee date is provided, final estimate will be used as the guest count guarantee.
  • Earlier guarantee date may be required for groups with over 100 guests or special menus.
  • Billing is based on actual attendance or final guaranteed guest count, whichever is higher.
  • Substitution of comparable menu items may occur if a vendor fails to deliver in a timely manner.

Express service request

Bay Laurel Catering understands that sometimes there are last-minute changes to event orders.

  • A service fee of 25% may be added for requests that can be accommodated.
  • For plated and buffet meals, a 15% service fee will be added based on the increased numbers.
  • The estimated cost of the original order will not change.
  • Overtime charges may be assessed if last-minute requests put staff into overtime.


  • Communicate cancellations to your Catering Sales Representative as early as possible.
  • Cancellations submitted after the guarantee date on the contract may be billed up to the full event cost.


  • As UW’s embedded caterer Bay Laurel Catering can deliver to most campus locations.
  • Deliveries to buildings without elevators will be limited to a location accessible by ramp or ground-floor entry.
  • Specific times for delivery and pickup (to remove our equipment and small wares) will be scheduled with you.
    • Weekday deliveries are available between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. and cost $35.00 per delivery.
    • The delivery fee for events before 7 a.m. or after 7 p.m. on weekdays and weekends is $45.00.
    • If your event occurs on a UW holiday, service fees are billed at 1.5 times the weekend rate.
    • The delivery fee includes the price of compostable service ware, delivery, post-event food and beverage table cleanup, and pickup of any equipment and small wares.
  • The client is responsible for arranging tables for food, beverage, and guests.

The client is responsible for the safekeeping of all catering equipment delivered to the site, and charges for any equipment lost or damaged will be assessed. Compostable and other service wares remaining at the conclusion of an event are the property of Bay Laurel Catering and will be removed when the event is cleaned.

Access to your event location

The event location must be unlocked and available one hour prior to the event start time.

  • One hour of setup time is required for events off the standard menu.
  • Exact arrival time for event setup cannot be pinpointed due to operational variables.
  • Larger events and custom events may require additional setup time.
  • Service may be delayed and additional service costs added to the final bill if location access or required tables are not in place.


  • Uniformed waitstaff are available for all events at $35.00 per hour, per server.
  • Labor fees accrue for the contracted length of the event plus one additional hour for setup/breakdown time.
  • Customized or complex events may require additional service labor for setup and cleaning.
  • Additional server labor may be billed if event schedule changes without advanced notice.
  • Events with hot food items require a minimum of two servers in attendance.

Additional event services to consider

Parking services: When holding an event on campus, UW Transportation Services can assist you with parking rates and reservations.

A/V: Academic Technologies can assist you with your A/V needs.

  • Available equipment includes portable PA systems, microphones, portable projectors and PowerPoint clickers.

Trash, recycling and composting: Large events and outdoor events may require special arrangements for waste disposal.

  • Contact UW Recycling at 206-685-2811 or for waste receptacles and proper disposal inquiries.
  • Check with the Building Coordinator or reservation contact for existing recycling and compost bins in campus buildings.
    • Contact Facilities Services to order additional bins if needed.
    • Provide menu and estimated guest count when contacting Facilities Services for determining needs.