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Financial Information for Residents

Please direct your questions to, 206-543-4059 or visit our office in 210 Lander Hall.

Account History, Charges and Balance

Housing account history, current charges and balance are available at all times to students via the online Statement of Account. If a student has designated authorized users, they can view the Statement of Account via the Guest Portal.

Housing Deposit

A deposit is required for every student living with HFS. Students applying for HFS residence halls and apartments will be asked to make a deposit payment of $500 in order to submit an application unless the student has been approved for deposit deferment (see below). Students applying for family housing will pay a deposit of $500 after an apartment has been assigned and before moving in. Family housing applicants are not required to pay the deposit until they are assigned.


Students who are approved for a Pell Grant or State Need Grant do not have to pay a deposit to submit an application or accept a family housing apartment. The deposit must still be paid, but it will be charged in two installments of $250, to be paid along with the quarterly housing charges for the first two quarters of occupancy.


The HFS Student Services Office manages billing for housing accounts. Housing and dining charges for students in 9-month areas are billed quarterly; 12-month and family housing charges are billed monthly. Incidental charges are assessed at the time of the service (e.g., lock change charges) and when residents change rooms, apartments or dining account levels. If you are assigned after the term has begun, your account will be billed immediately.

No invoices will be mailed, and payments are due as scheduled without further demand or notice. Account alerts are sent to students via email on a monthly basis on or around the 23rd of each month.

Students can view their account balance, transactions and due dates via their housing account. Once a transaction has been posted to a student account, it can be viewed on a student’s housing account after 4 p.m. on the following business day.

Housing Account

Every transaction is recorded on the student’s housing account. Authentication to access this webpage is required. Authorized guests may access a student’s housing account via the Guest Portal.

The page defaults to a date 90 days in the past. The full account history can be viewed by changing the date in the View Account History box.

Check out this video to learn how to view your statement of account.


Billing for housing and tuition are completely separate. Housing payments should always be made directly to HFS, never to the tuition account.


You may make housing payments online with Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover. HFS does not charge a convenience charge for using a credit/debit card online.

Pay on behalf of a resident

Resident log in


To submit a payment via check, write the UW student ID number and last name of the student you are paying on behalf of.

Please mail the check and a completed Check Remittance Form to:

University of Washington
Housing & Food Services
Financial Services Office
1045 NE Campus Parkway, Box 355607 Seattle, WA 98195-5607

Please note: While offices are closed because of the Governor's stay-at-home order, mailed payments will not be processed. 


You may make payments with cash or check at the Student Services Office, in 210 Lander Hall, or in the Husky Card Account & ID Center located on the ground floor of Odegaard Undergraduate Library, Monday through Friday, 8:30 am to 4:30 pm.

Please note: While offices are closed because of the Governor's stay-at-home order, it is not possible to pay in person.


HFS will post housing charges directly to your financial aid account for autumn, winter and spring quarter, then notify you if there is still a balance due after your financial aid allotment is exhausted. To pay with financial aid, please indicate on your housing application that you would like for HFS to draw on your financial aid funds to pay for housing, or contact the Student Services Office for more information. Please note that HFS is not able to post housing charges to transfer financial aid funds for summer quarter.


HFS partners with Flywire to streamline the process for international payments. Flywire allows you to pay securely from any country and any bank, generally in your home currency. Pay using Flywire - Select the UW Seattle Housing and Dining Payment option.


Housing deposits may only be paid by credit/debit card when the student is prompted for a deposit payment when completing the housing application process. Housing deposit payments can be made by mail or in person at any time, but applications will not be completed until the funds arrive and are processed.

Payment Agreements

If you are not able to complete your HFS payment by the due date, you may request a payment due date extension.

Your request must be received before the due date to avoid a late charge on your account. Requests received after the due date may still be considered, but late charges will not be reversed.

As you consider requesting a payment agreement, please note the following:

  • Accounts that are approved for a payment agreement will generally be given a payment due date extension through the end of the month in which the payment is due. Requests for a due date beyond our normal extension may be requested but would only be approved on a case-by-case basis.
  • HFS cannot approve requests for monthly payment plans for residence hall residents.
  • Students who are denied an extension, or who need an extension longer than the last day of the month, should consider a short-term loan through Student Fiscal Services in order to make their housing payment by the due date.

Paying With Financial Aid

Housing and dining charges are billed on a quarterly basis. Payment is due the third Friday of the quarter. Any additional charges

placed on your account throughout the quarter are due the first of the following month. Late payments will be assessed a $50 late payment charge.

Students who are receiving financial aid, loans, grants, scholarships, GET or Chapter 33 are eligible to pay housing and dining charges with financial aid.

Unpaid housing charges will be deducted automatically from your financial aid each quarter when your financial aid is released. After that, you may check your HFS Statement of Account to see if a balance remains on your account after your financial aid has been applied.


  1. Inform HFS that you wish to participate in the financial aid transfer process when you submit your housing application. If you would like to sign up for the transfer process after you have submitted your application, please contact the Student Services Office.
  2. HFS will submit your HFS charges to UW Financial Aid instead of to you. Charges will be posted to and appear on your MyUW account during the transfer process. This will happen toward the beginning of each quarter, right before financial aid is disbursed.

Your Tuition Account Balance on MyUW does not reflect your housing and dining balance. Housing balances shown on your MyUW page may not be accurate. You may check your housing balance online to ensure it is paid in full.

  1. After tuition and fees are paid, UW Financial Aid will transfer remaining funds to HFS.

If there is more in your financial aid account than you owe for housing and dining, UW Financial Aid will transfer the funds necessary to pay your housing account balance, and any remaining financial aid funds will be refunded to you.

If there is not enough in your financial aid account to pay for your entire quarter’s housing and dining, UW Financial Aid will transfer the available funds to your housing account.

If your financial aid funds will not cover the entirety of your housing account balance, it is your responsibility to pay for the remainder of the balance. You will be assessed a late charge if your payment is not received by the due date.

If your financial aid funds are deposited to your personal bank account, it is your responsibility to pay for housing and dining.

  1. After the transfer period closes, HFS will send you an account alert, and you will be responsible for paying any remaining balance by the due date.

Account Alerts

If you receive an account alert, either your financial aid was not disbursed to HFS or the funds did not cover the entire balance. If you receive an e-statement and know you will be receiving additional financial aid for the quarter, please request a payment due date extension.

Certain types of financial aid may not be disbursed during the HFS transfer process. If you receive an account alert and you believe you still have pending financial aid disbursements, please contact the Student Services Office immediately.

Emergency Aid

The Emergency Aid program is a safety net for students who face unexpected costs that impede their ability to continue and succeed academically and personally while enrolled at the UW. All currently enrolled students may be eligible for some form of assistance.

Late and Delinquent Accounts

Outstanding balances not paid by the due date may result in late payment charges, the deactivation of a student’s Husky Card Account and dining account, holds on UW enrollment and transcripts, denial of room change and sublicense requests, and termination of the housing agreement.

Acceptance of full or partial payment of delinquent housing charges does not waive HFS’ right to terminate your housing agreement.


Outstanding balances are due by the date specified on the housing agreement. If no due date is specified, the charges are due by the 1st of the month following when the charge was posted or as soon as you vacate from residence.

Residents who have a past due account will receive a past due account notification via email.

There is a five-day grace period after the due date. On the seventh day, a $50 late charge will be applied to the account. HFS is not responsible for late payments caused by a delay in U.S. mail or campus mail.

If you will not be able to submit your payment on time, please submit a payment agreement request prior to your payment due date.


Once a late charge is applied to an account, HFS will notify you that your Husky Card Account and dining account will be suspended. These accounts will then be shut off and inaccessible until your balance is paid in full.


If your outstanding balance is not paid after your Husky Card is turned off, HFS will proceed with the financial termination of your housing agreement and require that you move out.


If your payments have been late, your account will be considered delinquent. HFS is obligated to report delinquent accounts when asked via rental references. In addition, any special requests such as room change requests or sublicense requests may be denied until your account is paid in full.

Students who are terminated due to financial reasons will be ineligible to live with HFS in the future.

Student Privacy

HFS will discuss policies and procedures in a general sense with any person who contacts us. We are also happy to speak with parents, guardians and family members regarding specifics of a student’s account provided the person inquiring is authorized by the student.

HFS communicates directly only with our agreement holders and the students who have applied for housing, who are in residence, or who have recently vacated. HFS will not release room numbers, account balances, or confirm if a student lives on campus to any unauthorized person including friends, relatives and parents.

HFS maintains its primary relationship with the student and communicates all expectations, obligations, requirements, and account and general information directly to the student. It is the student’s responsibility to share information with their parents or guardians. HFS encourages parents and guardians to discuss a communication plan with their student to ensure they are kept up to date with relevant housing-related information.

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) of 1974 (20 U.S.C. § 1232g; 34 CFR Part 99) is a federal law that protects the privacy of student education records. Education records are those records, files, documents and other materials which 1) contain information directly related to a student; and 2) are maintained by an educational institution (20 U.S.C. § 1232g(a)(4)(A); 34 CFR § 99.3). FERPA applies to all schools that receive funds under an applicable program of the U.S. Department of Education.

Generally speaking, FERPA requires a student’s written consent for the UW to disclose a student’s records or personally identifiable information from those records, even if the student is less than 18 years old.

For additional information about FERPA, please visit the UW Student Guide and the U.S. Department of Education.


Authorization is required for HFS staff to discuss account activity including, but not limited to, the housing application, assignment status, charges, payments, balances and financial processes for your housing account. Authorizing someone to access student account information will also grant them access to the Guest Portal.

Access to HFS account information is assigned and functions separately from UW tuition and other UW departments’ information access. Completing this authorization does not extend rights to information from other UW departments.


Disclosure to a parent or guardian regarding a student’s violation of any federal, state or local law, or any policy of the UW governing the use or possession of alcohol or a controlled substance, or when a student has committed a crime of violence, does not require the prior consent of the student if the student is less than 21 years old.


Students may authorize HFS to discuss information with up to two people of their choosing. Being authorized to receive information does not mean that HFS will directly contact that person; rather, HFS will be able to answer questions and provide specific information to the authorized party when asked.

Students are asked if they want to authorize the release of HFS information on their Student Personal Services page.

Students may edit their authorizations at any time.

Upon authorizing the release of information, students will be asked to provide the following information:

  • First and last name of the person being authorized to receive information
  • Email address of the person being authorized to receive information
  • Creation of a four-digit PIN (see below)

All fields must be filled out completely and accurately. If any field is left blank or completed incorrectly, HFS will be unable to discuss application, assignment, account and conduct information with the person.


Students will be asked to provide a four-digit PIN that will be associated with the person they are authorizing. This PIN is used to verify the identity of the authorized party when HFS receives an inquiry and is used to log into the Guest Portal.

HFS will not share PINs with anyone for any reason. Students must communicate the chosen PIN directly to their assigned guest. Should either party forget the PIN, the student must return to their student profile and Edit Your Account Authorizations. From there they can view their current PIN or create a new PIN.

Requesting Information

If an authorized person contacts us and provides the correct authentication information, we can share information about the student’s account, assignment or conduct, depending on what level of access the student has given.

Authorized parties may contact HFS via phone, in person or email to request information. Upon receiving an inquiry, HFS will verify the person’s identity and confirm that they are authorized to receive the information requested. HFS staff will ask for the person’s name, email address, and the four-digit PIN. Authorized parties are also welcome to log directly into the HFS Guest Portal to view resident account information.

When contacting us:

  • Please use your UW email address.
  • Include your name and account number (UW student ID number).
  • Describe the error or transaction in question including the date, time and location where the error is reported to have occurred. Tell us the dollar amount if a transaction is involved.
  • Explain as clearly as you can why you believe it is an error or why you need more information.
  • If your notification is made in person or by phone, you may be required to send your complaint or question in writing. If you are asked to put your complaint or question in writing and the information is not received by the Husky Card Account & ID Center within ten business days, your Husky Card Account may not be credited with any disputed funds.

Unauthorized Guests

If a parent or guest contacts HFS and is not FERPA authorized, HFS staff will not be able to release any specific information related to a student. HFS will happily discuss policies and procedures in a general sense without releasing any identifying information. Guests who are not FERPA authorized will be directed to this page so they can learn more about FERPA authorization and work with the student to become authorized if the student desires.

Rental References

HFS is typically asked to verify rental information for students who are applying for off-campus housing. When a student authorizes a property management company/landlord to obtain reference information, HFS will respond with no additional authorization required. Information disclosed typically includes the dates of residency, rental amount, whether or not payments were made on time, and if you are eligible to live with HFS again in the future. If you do not want your information shared via a rental reference, please contact HFS at to indicate that you do not want rental-history information shared.

Credit/Debit Card Privacy

Credit/debit card information provided to HFS for the purpose of payment will be used only for the purpose of executing the requested transaction. HFS will not share your information with any company or individual. You will not receive any solicitations as a result of using your credit/debit card to make a payment to HFS.

Account Refunds

Any charges on your housing account must be paid before you vacate. Account balances can be checked on your Statement of Account page.

Unless your account is held due to charges for damages, cleaning, an unpaid balance or other reasons, any refundable housing deposit will be issued after you vacate or cancel your agreement.

Refunds are issued in three ways: direct deposit, check or credit/debit card.


This is the fastest, easiest and safest way to receive a refund.

When you provide us with your direct deposit information, any deposit or credit will be made directly to your bank account.

Direct deposits can be sent to any financial institution within the U.S. that participates in the Automated Clearing House. Allow up to five days for your direct deposit information to become active in our system or for updates to take effect.

You may add, delete or edit your bank information at any time.

You are responsible for maintaining correct information.

If your bank refuses the refund for any reason, such as the account is closed or the data provided is invalid, we will default to another refund method.


If you do not have direct deposit information on file, your refund will be issued by check to any U.S. address.

Update your address through MyUW in order to expedite the correct delivery of your refund.

Check refunds take longer than direct deposit refunds because of the printing and mailing time.


If you do not have direct deposit information on file and do not have a U.S. address, your refund will be issued to the last credit/debit card used to pay your housing account.

If you do not receive your expected refund within a month of your vacate or cancellation, please contact the HFS Financial Services Office.