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Residence Hall Early Arrival

If your academic program requires you to arrive on campus before your assigned check-in date, you may apply for early arrival housing.

Examples of qualifying academic programs

  • International student orientation

  • Computing and communications training
  • ROTC for autumn quarter

Non-qualifying situations

  • Students arriving early for Marching Band events do not need to complete the early arrival housing application, but instead should coordinate early housing through the Marching Band program.
  •  Situations related to jobs, expired leases, travel arrangements, etc. do not qualify you for early arrival housing. You will need to make other arrangements for such circumstances.

Required for early arrival housing

  • Application charge

  • Academic requirement to be on campus prior to the official move-in date, such as International Student Orientation

  • HFS approval

We will verify your eligibility for early arrival housing.

Summer quarter

There is no early arrival housing for summer quarter.

Early Fall Start

Early arrival housing for Early Fall Start may be accommodated through our Conference Services Office.

Autumn quarter 2020

Application Deadline

September 1, 2020

Early Arrival Periods

Period 1: September 13–23, 2020

Period 2: September 20–23, 2020

Approval for each of these periods will be based on when your program requires you to be on campus (for example, if ROTC requires you to be on campus on September 21, you will be approved for Period 2, not Period 1).

If you are approved to move in during Period 1, you may be housed in a temporary room, in which case you must move to your autumn quarter room on the morning of September 19.


Early arrival housing is charged at a flat rate based on the number of days in each early arrival housing period.

There is a $25 nonrefundable application charge.

If you apply after the priority deadline (September 1), you will be assessed a $50 expedite charge. 


Period 1

Period 2

Daily room charge

$47 +

$47 +

Daily dining charge 

$18 x

$18 x

Number of days

   11 =


Total Charge



Payment Due Date

The payment due date is October 16.


A cancellation charge of $50 will be assessed if you cancel by the  applicable date shown in the table below. Cancellations will not be accepted after the cancellation date, and full housing and dining charges for Early Arrival Housing will remain on your account.

Period 1 Cancellation Dates and Charges Period 2 Cancellation Dates and Charges
Cancel on or by September 9 $50 Cancel on or by September 17 $50
Cancel on or after September 10 Full Period 1 charges Cancel on or after September 18 Full Period 2 charges

Dining Funds

Early arrival dining funds will remain available for use into the academic year. Funds remaining on your account at the end of the early arrival period will  carry forward, and will be treated as autumn quarter funds.

Winter quarter

There is no early arrival housing for winter quarter.

Spring quarter 2021

If your academic program requires you to arrive on campus earlier than Sunday, March 29, you may apply for Early Arrival Housing, to arrive as early as 10 am on Sunday, March 22. 


The application will be available on March 3. Apply by March 18.


Arrival Application Charge Housing
March 22–28 $25 $47/day
  • Your Early Arrival payment is due on Friday, April 17.
  • If you cancel your Early Arrival Housing Application by March 21, you will be charged a $50 cancellation fee.
  • If you do not cancel by March 21, you will be responsible for paying all Early Arrival Housing and application charges, even if you do not move in.
  • You are responsible for the nightly charge for any part of the early arrival period (March 22 through March 29) you are approved for. Early arrival is not prorated if you move in later than your approved early arrival date.