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UW Housing Agreements

Temporary Housing

Temporary housing refers to areas that are normally used as public residential spaces, such as lofts in Hansee Hall. These spaces are converted to temporary housing in an effort to house as many students as possible. They are referred to as temporary because students are only assigned there while they wait for a permanent assignment. We makes every effort to move students from temporary spaces to permanent rooms as quickly as we can.

About temporary housing

Students may be assigned to temporary housing during times of very high occupancy, most typically during autumn quarter. Students who may be assigned to temporary housing include students guaranteed housing via the sorority recruitment process and late/lower priority applicants who live outside of commuting distance.

When will I know if I am assigned to temporary housing?

HFS will start alerting students that they many be assigned to temporary housing as early as late August, however assignments to temporary spaces will not be made until two days before the residence halls open. HFS waits as late as possible to assign temporary spaces in an effort to accommodate as many students as we can in permanent rooms.

What is temporary housing like?

Understandably, some students assigned to temporary housing may be apprehensive about the accommodations and transient nature of the assignment. If you are assigned to temporary housing, please be assured that HFS staff will do everything we can to welcome you and to help you be comfortable in your temporary room.

Many former residents of temporary housing have expressed appreciation for the opportunity to share the residential experience with a larger group of students than otherwise might have been possible. Especially for those arriving from outside of the local area, it is a chance to meet and engage with peers outside of the classroom, and to establish connections that can continue beyond temporary housing.

Residents of temporary housing have access to all hall amenities and will be connected with a Resident Adviser for support while living in temporary housing.

Watch the video to see what typical loft temporary housing is like.

What furnishings are provided? What should I bring?

All temporary housing areas are locked and accessible only to the students assigned there. Furnishings include a bed, desk and chair for each occupant. Wardrobes or clothes racks are also provided or are available upon request; in some cases the wardrobe is shared by two students. Some temporary housing areas offer lockable cupboards or drawers, but others do not. You are welcome to bring a small safe or lockable storage box if you desire additional security for valuables.

Because you'll be moving to your permanent room some time after the quarter begins, it is recommended that for your convenience, you bring only necessities when moving in and have your other belongings brought or shipped to you later.

When will I move out of temporary housing?

Students will be reassigned to permanent spaces as they become available, based on housing assignment priority and application date. We expect to be able to relocate all residents of temporary housing by the beginning of winter quarter; however, you may be able to move to a permanent space much earlier. You will be contacted via your UW email account once a permanent room is available for you.


The cost for one quarter in temporary housing during 2023–24 is $1,871. When you're assigned to a permanent space, your housing charge will be prorated to the new room rate.


  • Hansee Hall lofts: 17–30

  • Hansee Hall lounges: 4–12
  • Madrona Hall lounges: 3
  • McMahon Hall apartment: 6

Mailing address

Mailing addresses will be provided with assignment information.