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Terms and Conditions

Manage your Husky Card using the Online Card Office. Make deposits using a credit/debit card, report a Husky Card lost or stolen, view your transaction history, check your real-time balance and more.

Disclosure statement

You have received a Husky Card as your official UW ID card. It is the property of the UW and is not transferable. Students are subject to Misuse Penalty WAC 478-121 Student Conduct Code. Employees, faculty and staff are subject to Administrative Policy Statement 47.10. The Husky Card entitles you to establish a Husky Card Account, which is a debit account that allows you to pay for campus services that accept it as a form of payment. Please review our complete, up-to-date list of participating locations. You may open your account with any dollar amount (maximum Husky Card Account balance is $2,500).

The following terms and conditions, unless otherwise noted, apply to all debit accounts associated with the Husky Card. By electing to use the Husky Card Account and/or Husky Card-linked debit accounts, you agree to the terms and conditions of this statement.

Lost, stolen and damaged cards

You must inform the Husky Card Account & ID Center (Husky Card Office) at once if you believe your Husky Card has been lost or stolen. The best way to report a lost or stolen Husky Card is through the Online Card Office, where you can suspend activity on your account(s) until the Husky Card is found or replaced. You may also contact us during regular business hours at 206-543-7222 or by email at If you believe your Husky Card has been lost or stolen, and you inform us within two business days after you learn of the loss or theft, you can lose no more than $50 from your account(s) if someone uses your Husky Card without your permission. If you do not inform the Husky Card Office within two business days after you learn of the loss or theft of your Husky Card and it can be proven that proper notification could have prevented someone from using your Husky Card account(s) without your permission, you could be responsible for as much as $500 in expenditures. In either case, your loss is limited to the amount you have on deposit.

It is your responsibility to take proper care of your Husky Card. Do not punch a hole in your Husky Card. A thin wire antenna embedded in the Husky Card assists the smart chip in communicating with ORCA card readers. If your card is lost or damaged and you require a replacement, you will be charged a replacement fee.

Employee Husky Card replacement

Eligible University of Washington employees receive a Husky Card at the start of their employment. The first card is fully subsidized by UW. An employee should be assessed a Husky Card replacement fee for any purpose that requires them to obtain a new Husky Card (i.e. loss of card, damage to card, request for name change or photo change) during their term of employment. 

As of 1/1/21, upon termination employees are to keep their Husky Card. If a terminated employee returns to the University, their card will automatically reactivate for eligible services. If a replacement card is needed, they should be assessed a Husky Card replacement fee if the rehire date is within 12 months from the most recent termination date. They should not be assessed a Husky Card replacement fee if the rehire date is more than 12 months from the most recent termination date. A returning employee is responsible for informing their campus Husky Card office of the reason for requesting a replacement card.

Employees should not be assessed a Husky Card replacement fee to receive their first Prox-enabled Husky Card if their previous card was the non-chipped version. 

Husky Card upon termination

University of Washington employees may retain their Husky Card upon termination of their employment status. Termination UW employees considering reemployment with UW within the next 12 months after termination date are encouraged to retain their Husky Card for immediate reactivation upon reemployment. 

All Husky Card services will be deactivated the day after their termination date. If an employee has funds on their Husky Card Account, those will continue to be available for up to 15 months after separation. 

If an employee starts a new position with the University of Washington, their Husky Card will be activated and can be used for eligible services. If an employee needs a replacement card, they will be subject to the current Husky Card replacement fee policy. 

Unauthorized transactions

Your account balance is often visible on the point-of-sale terminal display each time you use your Husky Card. You may also check your account balances and transaction history through the Online Card Office at any time. If you believe that your balance is incorrect, notify the Husky Card Office at once, and you will be provided with a statement of your Husky Card transaction history. If the statement shows transactions you did not make, contact the Husky Card Office as soon as possible. If you fail to notify the Husky Card Office within 60 days after the statement was mailed or given to you, and it can be proven that properly informing the Husky Card Office would have prevented further unapproved use of your Husky Card, the money lost after the 60 days may not be credited to your Husky Card. If a valid reason, such as a long trip or hospital stay, kept you from notifying the Husky Card Office, the time period may be extended.


You can obtain a receipt any time you make a deposit to or use your Husky Card Account at one of the Husky Card Account point-of-sale terminals (except for self-service terminals in campus parking areas and in the laundry rooms). Statements of account will be furnished upon request. You may also go online to view your transaction history.

Error resolution

In case of errors or questions about your Husky Card accounts' usage, contact the Husky Card Office. If you think your receipt or account balance is incorrect, or if you need more information about a transaction listed on a receipt or a statement, notify the Husky Card Office as soon as possible. Please note that the Husky Card Office needs to hear from you no later than 60 days after having mailed or given you the statement on which the problem or error appeared.

In written correspondence regarding your Husky Card account activity:

  1. Please contact us using your UW email address.
  2. Include your name and account number (student/employee ID number).
  3. Describe the error or transaction in question including the date, time and location where the error is reported to have occurred. Tell us the dollar amount if a transaction is involved.
  4. Explain as clearly as you can why you believe it is an error or why you need more information.

If your notification is made in person or by phone, you may be required to send your complaint or question in writing. If you are asked to put your complaint or question in writing and the information is not received by the Husky Card Office within ten business days, your Husky Card account(s) may not be credited with any disputed funds.

Investigation and refund

Upon your notification of a perceived error or suspected unauthorized transactions, the Husky Card Office will conduct an investigation into your concern. The Husky Card Office will inform you of the results of its investigation within ten business days of your notification. If more time is needed, however, the Husky Card Office will allow up to 90 additional days to complete its investigation of your complaint or question. In such case, your Husky Card account(s) will be credited within approximately 20 business days from your notification for the amount you think is in error, allowing you the use of the money during the time required to complete the investigation. In the event of suspected unauthorized transactions, the Husky Card Office may retain $50.00 from the amount you think is in error. Confirmed errors will promptly be corrected and refunds made following the investigation.

If the Husky Card Office determines there was no error, you will receive a written explanation within three business days after the completion of the investigation. In such case, the Husky Card Office will reverse any temporary credit issued, and you will be responsible for repayment of all credited funds. You may ask for copies of the documents used in the investigation.

Privacy policy

Unless otherwise required by law, the Husky Card Office may disclose information to third parties about your Husky Card account activity only in the following circumstances:

  1. Where it is necessary for completing transfers;
  2. In order to verify the existence and condition of your account for a third party;
  3. If you give the Husky Card Office your written permission; and/or,
  4. In order to comply with government agency or court orders or to respond to any other compliance requirement.

HFS is committed to ensuring compliance with the UW policy on personally identifiable information.

Limitations (Husky Card Account only)

There are no limits on the number of transactions on your Husky Card. The dollar amount of your transactions may not exceed your current Husky Card Account balance. In the event that transactions result in a negative balance, a sufficient deposit is required to resolve the debt. If not made, collection of the balance owed will occur in accordance with the UW's nonpayment policy. The maximum balance you may carry on your Husky Card Account is $2,500. Student Husky Card Account will be closed after five quarters of non-enrollment. Faculty/staff accounts will be closed 15 months after separation from the UW. All closed Husky Card Account balances will be held by the UW for at least two years. During this period, cardholders may request a refund of their balance. After two years, balances held will be turned over to the state of Washington as unclaimed property. Unclaimed property can be retrieved indefinitely by contacting Procurement Services at

Refunds (Husky Card Account only)

Husky Card Account balances may be refunded upon written request or via the Online Card Office. If you submit a refund request in writing, you must include your name and UW student/employee ID number, along with a current mailing address. You can stop by the Husky Card Office, located on the ground floor of Odegaard Undergraduate Library, and complete a refund form or send us an email from your UW email account. We can be reached at All refunds are processed by check or the credit/debit card used and will be issued within ten business days of receipt of the written request. Accounts less than $5 may be charged a service fee, up to the total amount of the existing balance. Please note that we do not permit cash refunds or withdrawals.