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Rights and Responsibilities

Conduct Process

The purpose of the conduct process is to promote and maintain a healthy community where shared values, expectations and behavioral standards set by the residence hall and apartment communities are embraced. The goals of our conduct process are to:

  1. Provide students with a fair and just system in response to alleged violation of established Community Standards;
  2. Have the student maturely accept responsibility for their behavior;
  3. Help the student clarify their values; and,
  4. Assist the student in making future, more healthy and responsible choices in order to increase the opportunity for success in school and beyond.

Alleged violations are documented in an Incident Report. Cases may be resolved through an informal resolution with a member of the Residential Life staff or through a formal hearing facilitated by the Peer Review Board (a student panel) and an administrator.

While the conduct process is centered around educational outcomes, sanctions may be imposed upon students found responsible for violation of Community Standards including, but not limited to, workshops, written reflective assignments, room transfer, restitution, probation, termination of Agreement and/or loss of privileges. Failure to comply with any sanctions imposed may result in assessment of fees, placing a hold on a student's UW registration and/or further UW action.

For further information, please contact the Residential Life Conduct & Compliance Office at 206-543-7725 or email


Information and instructions related to sanctions assigned during the Residential Life Conduct Process can be found on the Sanction Portal page.