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Rights and Responsibilities

Sales and Solicitation

Solicitors are a security risk in UW residence halls. If you encounter a solicitor in a UW residence hall, please notify the staff at the residence hall's front desk, a Resident Adviser or the UW Police Department. The policy on solicitation is as follows:

Door-to-door solicitation or distribution of promotional materials by anyone who is not a resident of the residence hall, or by anyone for commercial activities such as newspaper or magazine sales, is prohibited.

Individuals wishing to distribute materials in the main lobby of a UW residence hall must:

  1. Obtain written authorization from the residence hall's Resident Director (RD), showing the residence hall's name, the starting and ending dates and times, and the RD's signature.
  2. Get separate authorization for each residence hall from the appropriate RD. For example, if you are advertising an event in both Lander Hall and Maple Hall, you will need authorization from two RDs.
  3. Post the authorization in a conspicuous place near the area assigned to the distributor.

Door-to-door advertisement of an event sponsored by a UW residence hall or floor does not require RD authorization if conducted within the boundaries of that residence hall.