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HFS Student Employees

Student employees in HFS Conference Services

Working for HFS

Welcome to HFS! This page provides information you will need as a new employee to be successful in your job. Additional information and training will be provided by your supervisor.

Getting paid

A schedule of University paydays can be found at the UW Integrated Service Center website.

Pay periods for student staff

1st–15th 25th of same month
16th–end of month 10th of next month

Title IX notice

Title IX, Title VII, VAWA, Washington State law, and University of Washington policy collectively prohibit discrimination based on sex, sexual orientation, gender, gender expression, pregnant or parenting status, and LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer) identity.

Anyone may contact the Office of the Title IX Coordinator about sex and gender discrimination, including sexual or gender-based harassment, sexual assault, intimate partner violence, stalking, and other forms of sexual misconduct. Anyone who has experienced these behaviors has the right to make a complaint to the University, report to the police, to both, or not at all.

Please see the Title IX website to learn more about how to report or make a formal complaint of sex discrimination, sexual harassment, or other sexual misconduct. You will also find information about supportive measures and the grievance procedures that are utilized for complaints of sexual harassment and other sexual misconduct. Students and employees have access to support measures and resources, whether or not they choose to make a complaint.

Office of the Title IX Coordinator
Valery Richardson, Title IX Coordinator
Mags Aleks, Deputy Title IX Coordinator
4311 11th Ave NE Seattle, WA 98105


Our goal at HFS is to provide the best possible service for all of our customers. In addition to excellent service, we take pride in creating clean, safe and welcoming experiences for our students, staff and guests. As a new staff member, you will be better prepared to support these efforts by completing the following trainings.

  1. UW Dining Welcome Guide–The Welcome Guide is sent to UW Dining team members with the hiring confirmation and provides an introduction to UW Dining and should be completed before attending the in-person orientation.
  2. Washington State Food Worker Card–The safety and quality of the food we serve is important to us. UW Dining employees are required to have a valid Washington State food worker card. The card costs $10 to obtain or renew. Staff members must keep a copy of the card with them at work and submit a copy to the UW Dining Administration Office (located in 109 Terry Hall) before their first shift.
  3. A Safe and Healthy Workplace–All staff are expected to complete this online training about your rights and responsibilities to and for A Safe and Healthy Workplace.
  4. Food Allergens Training–All staff members who handle food must take the Food Allergy Awareness Training.
  5. Use of State Resources–All staff are expected to complete this online training on the Use of State Resources
  6. Back Safety–All staff members who are required to lift 20 pounds as part of their job duties must complete the university's Back Safety Training. This includes all UW Dining employees and some other units as well. If you are unsure if this applies to you, please confirm with your manager whether to complete this training.
  7. Safety of MinorsAll UW employees are legally mandated reporters of suspected child abuse or neglect. This Safety of Minors online course on the  will provide you the needed information to uphold your responsibility as a UW employee.
  8. Volante Cashier Training All Dining team members that use a register must complete Volante Cashier Training (If you are unsure if you will be working as a cashier, ask your manager.)
  9. Asbestos Awareness–All staff members must take the required Asbestos Awareness training to learn how to recognize and report the possible presence of asbestos in the workplace.
  10. Fire Extinguisher Training–Being able to properly use a fire extinguisher is important for workplace safety. 


In the spring, managers nominate students for the following awards: Exceptional Customer Service, Leadership Excellence, Outstanding Job Knowledge, Outstanding Reliability, and Outstanding Teamwork. This could be you!