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Housing & Food Services

Work Orders

If something in your room needs routine maintenance, like a running toilet or a clog in your sink, place a work order to alert the custodial and maintenance staff of the problem. You will not be charged for routine repairs. Work orders are completed as promptly as possible and are prioritized by the seriousness of the repair needed. Some repairs may not be made immediately.

Submit nonemergency work orders at FSWorks.

Please be as detailed as possible so that staff can respond quickly to correct the issue. Contact your RA or residence hall front desk if you need assistance.

If you have a question about a work order you have submitted, you can see the status of the work order at FSWorks by clicking on the Search tab. You can also contact your RA or RD.

Work order response

When you submit a work order, it is reviewed by your custodial team. They may come to investigate the issue before sending it on to a tradesperson. All custodial or maintenance staff who respond to your work order will wear an identification badge. Staff will not move your personal items to complete the work. Please move personal items away from the area(s) where the repair is needed. If staff come to complete the work and you or your roommate turn them away, they will return one more time. If staff are continuously denied access, the work order will be canceled. When your room is entered, staff will always leave a notice on the door to indicate when and why they entered.

Emergency work orders

HFS provides 24/7 response for emergency maintenance issues like overflowing toilets or power outages. Contact your residence hall front desk or call the RA on duty to report the problem immediately.

Television and computing work orders

For work orders concerning computing or HuskyTV, contact UW IT at 206-221-5000.

If you're having challenges setting up your wifi, go here: