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Housing & Food Services

Gender-inclusive housing

It is critically important to us that gender-inclusive spaces feel especially welcoming and supportive for students across the spectrums of gender identity, gender expression, biological sex, and sexual identity. 

Because of our strong commitment to inclusivity and safety in these spaces, we have high standards for students interested in living in gender-inclusive housing. You must demonstrate your understanding of gender and what it means to be specifically aware of the needs of:

  • Students in the process of discovering their gender identity or transitioning; 
  • Students who do not wish to identify themselves by sex or gender identity;
  • Students who identify as outside of the gender binary;
  • Students whose gender identity is fluid;  
  • Students who do not conform to society’s expectations to their sex assigned at birth (gender non-conforming)

We recognize that for students who identify in ways listed above, this additional component of the housing application may feel like a burden. Please understand we have created this additional commitment to ensure the integrity of gender-inclusive housing remains intact, and to create strong accountability for inclusivity in these spaces. 

While gender-inclusive housing is open to any student, only students that agree to fully support the commitments and demonstrate a strong understanding of gender will be assigned to a gender-inclusive room.

Requesting a gender-inclusive room is part of the housing application process.

Gender inclusive housing video

Students' positive experiences

"I have a roommate who is able to understand things that most wouldn’t and we are able to have healthy conversations about sexuality and gender."

"People have been really good at using my correct pronouns, and the RA was quick to change my nametag since my housing profile didn't have my preferred name."

"If you think it will benefit you even a little bit, especially if you're nonbinary or GNC and especially if you're worried about shared bathrooms, try it out, because not having to think about being misgendered every time you use the toilet or brush your teeth or shower or wash your face is such an important part of your wellbeing. Not having to stress about a part of yourself and how people perceive you in the place you'll call home for the next 9 months is such a relief."

"As a stealth trans man, it's a huge relief to have a place on campus where I don't have to worry if I pass or if I'm acting the way a cis man would. I know my roommate will still think of me the same when they see me with my guard down as when I'm dressed up to pass as cis. We both understand each other's issues with gender and we know how to discuss it without hurting each other. We have each other to talk to when we have a bad dysphoria day or if we get misgendered. It's so great to know I've got someone at home who'll understand my small victories and my needs."

"If you're trans, I 11/10 recommend it. You can go into college knowing for sure you'll have a roommate who'll accept and support you. If you're an ally, you'd better educate yourself on trans issues and how to have respectful discussions, because your roommate won't always have the time or energy for your questions (however relevant or respectful they might be)."

"Gender-inclusive housing took all the stress out of finding tolerant housing. It was really nice to know that I wouldn’t have to worry about gender when it comes to the room I call home."

Mixed-gender housing

Mixed-gender rooms and apartments are an option for any student who wants to live with a friend of a different gender. This option is intended for people who want to live with a sibling or other relative, or with any other person of a different gender.

Mixed gender housing:

  • is not gender inclusive housing
  • does not require a commitment
  • does require a mutual roommate request. Students who do not have a mutually requested roommate are not eligible for mixed-gender housing.

You can specify your intent to be assigned to a mixed-gender room on your housing application by putting your requested roommate's student number in your application as your mutual roommate request. You do not need to be approved or fill out the supplementary request form.

  • Mixed-gender room assignments will only be made for groups of mutually requested roommates.
  • HFS will not assign a student to a mixed-gender room unless they have requested a roommate of a different gender.
  • Students requesting mixed-gender rooms will be assigned to rooms with a private bathroom.
  • If roommate(s) vacate throughout the year, the remaining student(s) may find a new person to fill the space, or revert the room to single-gender.