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UW Housing Agreements

Family Housing Eligibility

Being eligible for Family Housing is outlined in your Family Housing Agreement. To maintain your eligible status you must meet the following requirements.

Student status

For the purpose of eligibility for Family Housing at the UW, the following definitions apply:

  • The academic year begins with autumn quarter.

  • Full-time registration is at least 12 credits per quarter if you are an undergraduate student and 10 credits per quarter if you are a graduate student.

  • Facilities operated in public-private partnership with HFS (Commodore Duchess and Radford Court) are considered UW Housing.

  • You must be a full-time student during the quarter that you move in.

  • You must maintain full-time registration as a matriculated student at the UW Seattle campus for three of four quarters each year. 

  • Audited and repeated classes do not count toward the full-time requirement.

  • The Residential Life Administrative Office will verify your registration at the beginning of each quarter and the number of credits you earned at the end of each quarter.


For the purpose of applying for Family Housing at the UW, a family is defined as:

  • A married couple, with or without children. Same-sex domestic partnerships are accepted from jurisdictions that do not allow same-sex marriage. 


  • A single parent with one or more dependent children. Dependent children are defined as children less than the age of 18 who are under your legal custody, or children who are age 18 or older who are claimed as dependents on your tax return. For children who are age 18 or older, a copy of your tax return must be submitted to the Residential Life Administrative Office no later than April 30, annually.
  • You must notify the Residential Life Administrative Office within 72 hours of changes to family size or marital status.
  • Only registered UW students, spouses, registered same-sex domestic partners and children of students may live in UW Family Housing. Other relatives or friends may not reside in UW Family Housing.
  • You must provide copies of documentation supporting your eligible status for Family Housing, such as proof of marriage or registered same-sex domestic partnership, dependent children's birth certificates, and/or proof of custody. Copies of your family's documents can be sent as PDF attachments to or uploaded to the Family Housing Documents Dropbox.
  • If you are pregnant, you are eligible to move in or transfer to a larger unit at the start of your third trimester.

Documents that support your eligible status

After you have submitted your Family Housing application, you must also provide documentation supporting your eligible status for Family Housing. These documents will vary depending on your situation and may include:

Marriage certificate: Issued by a government entity or religious institution; I-20 or J-1 forms.

Same-sex, domestic partnership registration: From any jurisdiction that offers SSDP registration.

Dependent children's birth certificates: Must be state-issued.  Other acceptable forms include: I-20 or J-1 forms, or family registry.

Proof of custody: Only required if your child’s birth certificates lists anyone other than yourself and your spouse/SSDP as a parent. Acceptable forms may include parenting plans, a notarized statement from the parent listed on the birth certificate or adoption papers. Other documentation may be accepted on a case-by-case basis. Please contact HFS for more information.

Proof of pregnancy: For students who are expecting a child. This must come from your health care provider and include the student or spouse's name and the estimated due date. Prospective and current residents are eligible to move in or transfer at the start of their third trimester.

All Family Housing documents must be provided in English. English translations of foreign language documents must either be government issued or accompanied by a notarized document from the student swearing the document’s accuracy.

With the exception of the proof of pregnancy document which must be on file before a family can receive an offer, most family housing documents are not due until the family has been offered an apartment. Family housing documents can be scanned and emailed to or uploaded to the Family Housing Documents dropbox.  

Loss of eligible status

If you fail to maintain full-time status you may be asked to vacate Family Housing.

  • You must notify the Residential Life Administrative Office if you fall below full-time status. Special arrangements may be made for reasons such as serious illness, unforeseen financial or family hardship, or required noncredit field work. Written documentation will be required.
  • For consideration of a waiver to the full-time registration requirement, graduate students registered for thesis or dissertation credits (less than full-time) must submit a letter from their department adviser to the Residential Life Administrative Office on an annual basis. This letter must confirm continuing satisfactory progress toward a degree.

If violation of the Agreement results in eviction, termination, non-renewal of the Agreement by HFS, or vacate at the request of the private property management company in lieu of legal eviction, the resident becomes ineligible to reside in any UW housing facility.

Assignment priority and waiting list

Applicants for university-owned family housing apartments who are judged eligible for assignment pursuant to WAC 478-156-016 are assigned in the following order of priority, based on the date of application:

1st priority

Average wait for an apartment: less than 6 months

Students with special housing needs, due to

  • Disability reasons;
  • Students in the University's Educational Opportunity Program;
  • Students who are single parents and have dependent children meeting financial eligibility criteria as set forth in WAC 478-156-016; or
  • Students with extreme financial or personal hardship.

2nd priority

Average wait for an apartment: 6–18 months

Other students meeting financial eligibility criteria as set forth in WAC 478-156-016.

3rd priority

Average wait for an apartment: 24–36 months

Other students exceeding financial eligibility requirements.

Demonstrating financial need

You will need to fill out one of the following forms if you wish to demonstrate financial need for housing:

  • Married couples, single parents and continuing international students who have a Social Security number must fill out a free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) (PDF)and follow the general instructions for completing and submitting the form. You may submit an electronic application, or you may pick up a paper version in the UW Financial Aid Office located in 105 Schmitz Hall.
  • New international students who are not eligible to submit a FAFSA may fill out a form called the Financial Information for International Students (FIFI) (PDF). A paper copy of the FIFI may be obtained from the Student Services Office located in 210 Lander Hall. Please submit this form and a copy of your I-20 to the Student Services Office.

Financial need figures are determined by the UW Financial Aid Office located in 105 Schmitz Hall.

Please note that these criteria may differ for privately-managed properties. You may refer to the following websites for more detailed information.

Family size determines apartment size

The UW assignment standards for Family Housing are as follows:

One bedroom

Married couples or registered same-sex domestic partners with no children. Maximum occupancy, two people.

Two bedrooms

Students with one or two dependent children in residence, who are married couples, registered same-sex domestic partners, or single parents. Maximum occupancy, four people.

Three bedrooms

Students with two or more dependent children in residence, who are married couples, registered same-sex domestic partners, or single parents. Maximum occupancy, six people.

Departmental letters

To establish eligibility when you are not yet registered, or when the credits you are registered for do not meet HFS eligibility standards, you can ask your academic department to provide HFS with a verification letter.

Departmental letters should: 

  • Be on UW departmental letterhead;
  • Be signed;
  • Include your first name, last name and UW student number; and,
  • Clearly state that you are or will be a registered full-time UW student in the eyes of the department for a particular quarter. 

Departmental letters may be faxed to the HFS Student Services Office at 206-543-3124, or sent via campus mail to:

Student Services Office
Housing & Food Services
210 Lander Hall
Box 355600

Criminal Offenses

All residents must meet eligibility criteria related to criminal offenses as outlined in the agreement, including reporting past, ongoing or recent occurrences.

Please note that eligibility criteria may differ for privately-managed properties.

You may refer to the following websites for more detailed information:

Commodore Duchess

Radford Court

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