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About 9-month housing

Residence halls

Our 9-month housing is for students who want to have a traditional on-campus living experience. This means you will live on campus Autumn, Winter and Spring quarters.

Room types

The range of price points and room types in our residence halls gives flexibility for our students’ diverse budgets and lifestyles. The UW is committed to keeping housing costs as low as possible while providing students with their expectation of a modern living environment.

Double rooms are the most common type of units within our residence halls.

Double room Mercer Court

Double room

  • Shared by two people

  • Some have a private bathroom

  • Some are within shared clusters

  • Double room rate based on location

3-person room in McCarty Hall

Triple room

  • Large double room furnished for three people
  • Private bathroom

  • Charged at the triple room rate

Single room in Mercer Court

Single room

  • Private room for one person

  • Some have a private bathroom

  • Some are within shared apartments or clusters

  • Single room rate based on location

Haggett Hall shared bathroom

Three- or four-person room

  • Room built for more than two people

  • Community bathroom

  • Three- or four-person rate based on location

4 person suite on north campus

Three- or four-person suite

  • Room built for more than two people

  • Private bathroom

  • Three- or four-person room rate based on location

Mercer Court studio


  • Private apartment for one person

  • Contains kitchenette and private bathroom

  • Charged at the studio rate

Residence hall bathrooms

Shared bathroom

Legacy community bathrooms

  • In Hansee Hall
  • Single-gender shared facilities with private toilet stalls and curtained shower areas
Madrona Hall all-gender bathroom

Newer community bathrooms

  • Madrona Hall
  • All-gender bathrooms on all floors

  • Each toilet stall and shower stall is enclosed within floor-to-ceiling walls with lockable doors

Private bathrooms

  • Newer buildings and a few rooms in legacy buildings
  • Private in-room or in-apartment bathrooms