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Husky Card Services


Types of badges

UW departments and authorized UW organizations may request ID photo badges or generic badges to identify their staff or student members, conference attendees, event participants, etc.

These badges cannot be set up with building or account access, and are for identification purposes. To set up funds on generic department cards, please go to Guest & Department Cards.

ID Photo Badge

These badges are printed specifically for a particular individual. They may include details such as name, ID number, job title, photo, department name, logo, etc.


Sample Department Badge

Generic Badge

These badges are not assigned to a particular individual. They can be checked in or out via the department itself. These badges may include details such as title, department name, level of authorization, etc.


Sample Contractor Badge

Order information


  • One-time initial artwork setup fee, $50
  • ID photo badges, $5 per badge
  • Generic badges, $3 per badge

Design variables

  • Color, size and position of text, images and/or logos
  • Size and position of photo (if one is requested)
  • Portrait or landscape badge orientation
  • Printing on front and back of the card
  • May include badge clip hold at the top of the card


The requesting department submits a proposed design for the badge to the Husky Card Office. This can be sketched, or you can create your own design using a photo editor program. When designing the badge, please keep the photo files in high-quality resolution and send it to us as either a .jpg or .bmp file.

We will then create your design in our ID software and send a sample card to you for design approval.

Once approved, departments may either send us an Excel list of their badge recipients (including name, ID number, and any text field selections) and then pick up the badges for distribution, or they may make an authorization form for each recipient and send them to our office individually.

The Husky Card pictures that are on file will be the ones used for the badges. Those that do not have a picture on file will need to come to the Husky Card Office to have one taken.

Please contact us if you have any questions or would like further information about this service!