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Husky Card Services

Guest & Department Cards

Guest meal cards

Guest meal cards are a fast, convenient way to pay for the dining experience for your visiting groups by allowing them to swipe preloaded guest cards. Ordering guest cards for your group will help you keep track of how much is spent and help everyone have an easy, enjoyable trip to the UW.

Orders for guest cards must be submitted by email to

Once your count and order details are final and confirmed, please submit your order at least five business days in advance to ensure the processing of your request. Include the following information in your email:

  • Name of your group
  • Number of cards
  • Dollar amount to load per card
  • Whether you would like the cards to be valid for on-campus dining only or also at the University Book Store (please refer to our complete list of on-campus locations that accept the Husky Card Account.)
  • The date(s) you would like your cards to be valid for use. All cards must have an expiration date and will expire at midnight at the end of that day.
  • Method of payment: We accept credit cards, POs and UW cost centers.
    • If paying with a UW cost center, please include the required Workday worktag information:
      • Ledger
      • Cost Center
      • Fund
      • Spend Category
      • Any other additional worktags (i.e. Resource, Program, Function, etc.)
    • If paying by PO, please provide a copy of it with your request.
    • If paying by credit card, we will provide you with specific instructions for how to make your payment online.
  • When you would like to pick up your guest card order by. 

Any remaining unused balances on your guest meal cards will be automatically refunded.

Service fee

The service fee for guest cards is dependent on the number of cards you will need:

1–50  $15
51–100 $25
101–200 $50
201–300 $75

Guest card orders must be picked up in person from the Husky Card Account & ID Center. Our current walk-in service hours and location can be found on our Operations Updates page. We are unable to send guest cards by mail.

Please note: Once guest meal card orders have been completed they cannot be changed or modified. If additional cards are required please submit a new, separate order. If your planned visit or event is cancelled, please notify our office. Groups may choose to either extend the expiration date for their card order or request that the order be closed out and amounts refunded. Service fees are non-refundable. 

Department cards

Department cards are a great way for your department to pay for UW services that accept the Husky Card Account as a form of payment. They can be used easily and conveniently to pay for copies, printing in labs, printing posters, and meals for guests. The assigned owner of the card can be granted online access to view the current card balance, transaction history, and to freeze the account if misplaced at any time through the Online Card Office

Department cards must be requested by an authorized employee of that department. Please send your request via your UW email account to Please provide us with at least five business days to complete the processing of your request. In your request, include the following:

  • The initial deposit amount
  • Your required Workday worktag information:
    • Ledger
    • Cost Center
    • Fund
    • Spend Category
    • Any other additional worktags (i.e. Resource, Program, Function, etc.)
  • Your department name
  • The UW NetID and name of the assigned owner of the card
  • When you would like to pick up your department card

There is no setup or service fee involved. Additional deposits can be made at any time by emailing with the card number, dollar amount to deposit, and worktag information. The deposits you make on your department card will be billed to your cost center through Workday. 

Department cards must be picked up at the Husky Card Account & ID Center located on the ground floor of the Odegaard Undergraduate Library. We are unable to send department cards by mail.