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Employee Husky Card

Check the Husky Card Office Coronavirus Response page for information specific to our operating hours, policies and procedures during the coronavirus outbreak. 


To qualify for a UW ID card (Husky Card), your position must be either a faculty appointment or classified as permanent. Employees generally do not become eligible for a Husky Card prior to their UW official start date. Temporary/hourly employees who meet the eligibility requirements for the fully subsidized U-PASS may also qualify for a Husky Card. For information regarding the conditions of and eligibility for the subsidized benefit, see Human Resource's website at

New employees

Employees obtaining a Husky Card will need their UW employee ID number and their U.S. state- or federally-issued photo ID (such as a driver's license or passport). The Husky Card system is not updated in real time and requires a nightly feed from the Workday system. Once you are entered into the Workday system, it will generally take until the following business day for the system to send the update to our Husky Card database. In order to save you an unnecessary trip to our office, you can call us at 206-543-7222, and we can check your eligibility over the phone.

Taking care of your card

It is important for cardholders to take proper care of their new Husky Card. Husky Cards should not be bent nor have holes punched in them. A thin wire antenna embedded in the Husky Card assists the smart chip in communicating with ORCA card readers. Keeping your Husky Card in a protective cover is the best way to ensure a long, functional life. Cardholders will be charged a fee for replacement of a damaged Husky Card.

Replacing your Husky Card and U-PASS

Lost, stolen or damaged Husky Cards are $25 to replace. The fee is also assessed for any replacements due to a name change. You can obtain a replacement card at one of our Husky Card Account & ID Center locations. We recommend checking with the specific ID Center location for accepted payment methods. Please be aware that if you are a U-PASS subscriber, your U-PASS will take 24–48 hours to activate on your replacement card. Visit UW Transportation Services for more information on the U-PASS.

Activating your U-PASS

You can activate your U-PASS powered by ORCA after you have obtained your Husky Card. Sign up for the U-PASS online or visit Transportation Services in person to enroll.

Privacy issues

There will be no personal identification information stored on the smart chip. The RFID chip will be used to validate that the cardholder has access to U-PASS transit privileges. All information associated with the card and access rights is kept in accordance with the UW policy on personally identifiable information. For information regarding the privacy of transit data, please see the U-PASS Terms of Use.

Out of area Husky Cards

If you are a UW employee located in a remote location (outside of King, Pierce or Snohomish counties), and require an identification card, you may be eligible for an Out of Area Husky Card. This card will identify you as a UW employee for business/professional purposes, but will not be valid for use as a transaction card for campus services at the UW Seattle, Bothell and Tacoma campuses, UW Medical Center or Harborview Medical Center. This non-photo card will require you to show additional ID when using it and cannot be used where services require you to swipe the card through a reader. In addition, Out of Area Husky Cards do not have embedded RFID chips and cannot be used for associated functions like the U-PASS or proximity scanning.

Out of Area Husky Cards may be requested by a department administrator or payroll coordinator by emailing the Husky Card Account & ID Center at The request must include the employee name and UW employee ID number. Out of Area Husky Cards will be sent via campus mail to the department requestor.

Husky Card Account payroll deduction

Permanent staff or faculty may arrange to have a portion of each paycheck automatically deposited into their Husky Card Account. Payroll deductions must be a minimum of $10 per pay period, and amounts must be in increments of $5. The maximum balance you may carry on your Husky Card Account is $2,500. These funds are not able to be used for transit on the bus systems.  The funds are intended for a convenient account to spend on our campus.

Important note: Payroll deductions are not tax deductible and are taken out of paychecks post-tax. Multiple refund requests on excess balances may not be approved, so make sure to periodically review your spending needs and modify your deduction amount if needed.

You may make deposits to your Husky Card Account via the Online Card Office, by logging in and selecting the tab UW Employee Automatic Deduction. You may also make deposits using a Payroll Deduction Authorization form. Forms may be obtained at the Husky Card Account & ID Center located on the ground floor of Odegaard Undergraduate Library. A downloadable Payroll Deduction Authorization form is also available, which can be mailed to UW Box 353085. If you arrange for payroll deduction, the deduction will occur on payday and will be noted on your pay stub. If you notice any discrepancies, please contact us at 206-543-7222.

You may cancel or change your payroll deduction if you notify us at least 10 days before the next payday. You must notify us in writing by completing a Payroll Deduction Authorization form or submitting a request through the Online Card Office. Changes or cancellations received less than 10 days before the next payday will not take effect until the following payday.