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UW Housing Agreements

Family Housing Checkout

Thank you for residing in UW housing.

As you prepare to move out of your apartment, please refer to the information on these pages. This information is designed to clarify our standards of cleanliness, thereby eliminating or reducing charges for maintenance or cleaning. Charges reflect actual costs and are strictly enforced.

As a rule, you should leave your apartment in the same condition in which you would expect to find it upon moving in.

Intent to Vacate notice

Notice of Intent to Vacate can be submitted online by completing an Intent to Vacate Form. You are required to provide a 30-day written notice of your intent to vacate Family Housing apartments. Graduating students must vacate within 30 days of having their degree conferred.

You should plan to be completely moved out of your apartment no later than midnight on the vacate date stated in the form.

Vacate inspections

On the first business day after your vacate, a final inspection will be performed and charges for cleaning, damages, improper checkout or abandoned property will be assessed to your housing account.

Cleaning guidelines

Family Housing Cleaning Guidelines (PDF)

Waste disposal

The proper disposal of items is each individual’s responsibility. For information and resources on how to properly dispose of large items and hazardous materials, please visit King County Solid Waste Division. Please note that improper disposal of bulky items or other trash in or around UW apartments may result in disciplinary action, fees and/or other UW action. You may contact your Residential Life Office or community staff members for help with questions or concerns.

Checking out

The following are expected prior to your vacate date.

  • Pay all housing charges in full. A prorated charge will be made for residents who, having provided the required 30-day notice, vacate during the month. Please note that any outstanding charges may be deducted from your account balance before your prorated housing charges are refunded.
  • Discontinue or transfer subscription deliveries.
  • Please do not drive on the grass, grounds or fire lanes. A vehicle can easily damage the lawn and/or sprinkler system.
  • Lock all doors and windows.

Blakeley Village and Laurel Village residents:

  • File a forwarding address with the U.S. Postal Service.
  • Update your address through your MyUW.
  • Return apartment and mailbox keys and your H-Lot parking permit, if applicable, to the Blakeley Village Community Center, or leave them in your locked apartment.

Stevens Court residents:

  • Update their address in MyUW at least a week prior to vacate.
  • Lock all doors and windows.
  • Return apartment keys and mailbox keys to the Lander Desk and your parking permit, if applicable, to Commuter Services.


If cleaning, repair or final rental charges are assessed, these will be forwarded to you. Charges can be viewed on the Incidental Charges page.

Any questions or concerns should be directed to the Student Services Office at 206-543-4059.

Personal property

All personal property must be removed from your apartment and any storage areas.


If a resident’s room/space appears to be empty of possessions but keys have not been returned, the resident’s room/space may be presumed abandoned. An abandonment letter will be placed on the room door for five days, after which HFS will take possession of the room/space.

If you abandon your room, you will be charged for a lock change and key replacement, moving, handling and storage of your belongings, and applicable cleaning or repair charges, in addition to any room payment owed.

Rental references

You are welcome to list the Student Services Office contact information when asked for a rental reference or rental history verification. Upon receiving a rental reference, HFS will disclose the information requested, typically the dates that you lived on campus, whether or not your account was paid on time and is current, if you vacated properly, and if you are eligible to live with us again.


Questions regarding your charges, agreement or vacate:

Student Services Office

Questions about apartment inspections, cleaning and maintenance:

Facilities Services

Questions about checking out of Blakeley Village or Laurel Village:

Blakeley Village Community Center

Questions about checking out of Stevens Court:

Lander Desk