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UW Housing Agreements

Family Housing Sublicensing

Sublicensing is an option for students living in a Family Housing apartment who have lived in housing for at least 6 months and will be away from campus during summer quarter. Sublicensing may be allowed during an academic quarter other than summer only if the resident family will be gone for academic reasons, with UW departmental verification. Through the sublicensing process another qualified family lives in the apartment temporarily.

If you are interested in the sublicense process, please review the following information and the Family Housing Agreement carefully. Contact the Student Services Office if you have any questions.

General information

  • Sublicenses will not be permitted without advance written approval from HFS.
  • Sublicense requests must be made at least fourteen days in advance. 
  • Sublicensing is only permitted for dates that closely match the academic calendar and for no less than a four-week period. 
  • Sublicensing is not permitted during break periods such as Winter Break or Spring Break unless the sublicense also includes an adjoining quarter. 
  • Agreement holders are only eligible to sublicense if they are returning to live with HFS the following quarter. 
  • Only married couples without children are allowed to sublicense a one-bedroom apartment in Stevens Court. Only students with one or more dependent children who will be living with them at least fifty percent of the sublicense term are allowed to sublicense an apartment in Laurel or Blakeley Villages. 

Terms of sublicensing—agreement holder

  • You are responsible for finding your own Sublicensee. You may use our Sublicense Finder Forum if you do not already have someone in mind. 
  • You must make your by emailing
  • Any financial arrangement between you and your Sublicensee must be made independent of HFS. 
  • You will remain responsible for all terms of your agreement, including making monthly payments and maintaining the condition of the apartment. You will be charged for any necessary repairs when you vacate, even if the damage was caused by your Sublicensee. 
  • You must continue to be eligible for the area you will be sublicensing in. 

Terms of sublicensing—sublicensee

  • You must be eligible to live in the unit you want to sublicense.
  • You are responsible for connecting with a current Agreement Holder. You may use our Sublicense Finder Forum if you do not already have someone in mind. 
  • You must make your request by submitting the Sublicense Request Form at least fourteen days in advance. The agreement holder must also fill out their portion of the form
  • Any financial arrangement between you and the Agreement Holder must be made independent of HFS. 
  • You will be responsible for upholding the apartment community standards as outlined in Appendix A of the Family Housing Agreement.

Requesting a sublicense

  • Both the agreement holder and sublicensee must independently request to sublicense. Requests should be sent from each students UW email address (or authorized alternate email address)
  • Each request must include:
    • Role of the requesting student (agreement holder or sublicensee)_
    • Name, student student ID number and UWnet ID for both the agreement holder and potential sublicensee
    • Location where sublicense will take place (community and apartment number)
  • The agreement holder must also accept the following conditions:
    • They remain responsible for all terms of the family housing agreement
    • They are responsible for keeping account current throughout duration of sublicense
    • If account becomes delinquent during sublicense, the sublicensee will be notified and may be asked to vacate
    • If the sublicensee violates the family housing community standards, the sublicense may be terminated by HFS. In this case the sublicensee would be required to vacate immediately, and the agreement holder would remain responsible for the monthly charges for the apartment.
  • The Sublicensee must also accept the following conditions:
    • They are subject to all terms contained within the current Family Housing Agreement.
    • If they violate the community standards (Family Housing Agreement, Appendix A) the sublicense may be terminated by HFS. They would then need to vacate immediately.
    • As a sublicensee, they do not have any additional priority for family housing than applicants who do not live in HFS residences.
    • If the agreement holder or HFS terminates the sublicense before the end of the intended sublicense period, the sublicensee will be required to completely vacate the apartment and return all keys issued to them.

Sublicense review process

  • The Agreement Holder and Sublicensee are responsible for finding one another. Our Sublicense Finder Forum is available for those wishing to make connections with other parties.
  • We will begin reviewing requests for summer quarter in early May.
  • HFS will review your request to ensure that the agreement holder and sublicensee is eligible. 
  • HFS will confirm that your sublicense request has been received and reviewed, and you will be directed to view and accept the Residential Life Sublicense presentation.
  • HFS notify both of you whether or not your request has been approved. If it is, your notification will include instructions about how and when you may start your sublicense.

Charges related to sublicensing can be viewed on the Incidental Charges page.

Any questions about the sublicense process may be directed to the Student Services Office at 206-543-4059 or