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UW Housing Agreements

Residence Hall Room Changes

Written authorization

The following conditions apply at all times of the year.

Before you change rooms, you must receive written authorization from a HFS Desk Supervisor.

  • After move-in Room Change Applications can be found under the Resident Resource section on your MyHFS Homepage.
  • When a room change is authorized, your housing account will be assessed a room change charge. If a requested room change is set up on your behalf and you then request to cancel the room change, you will still be charged.
  • If you move to a room type with a different quarterly rate, your housing account will be adjusted to reflect this new rate.
  • You will be allowed 48 hours in which to complete your room change. All room changes begin on Fridays and must be completed by 5 pm on Sundays. Exceptions to this timeframe must be arranged with and approved by a Desk Supervisor in advance of the room change.

A room change made without written authorization constitutes occupation of more than one room. Therefore:

  • Your housing account will be assessed an improper room change charge.
  • You will be billed for both rooms until you have turned in keys for your vacated room.
  • You may be required to move back to your assigned room.
  • Charges related to changing rooms may be viewed on the Incidental Charges page.


HFS has moved room change message boards over to BAND. Please use the link below to access the group. You will be required to use your UW email address to access the message board.

Mutual swap room changes before moving in for autumn quarter

If you would like to swap assignments with another student before moving in, you may submit a 2023–24 Mutual Room Swap Request. The person you would like to swap with should also submit the request.

Mutual swaps can usually be accommodated as long as each student is eligible to live in the new room. Some areas have restrictions based on age, participation in the Early Fall Start program, and Living Learning Community approval.

If you would like to swap rooms but do not have someone to mutually swap with, you may use the 9-Month Room Swap Message Board as a way to find someone to swap with. 

The before move-in mutual room swap option ends on September 5.

Mutual swaps after you move in

Mutual swaps are a type of room change in which two residents agree to swap their room assignments after move-in.

If you are trying to find a resident to swap with the 9-Month Room Swap Message Board is a way to find other residents who want to move to a different room. After you and another resident have agreed to swap rooms, both of you must complete the Room Swap Request. Please be prepared to provide the following information on the request form:

  • Your name, student number, and room assignment
  • The student ID number and building room assignment of the person you would like to swap with
  • An agreed-upon Friday room change date

Mutual swaps can almost always be accommodated; however, some areas have restrictions based on Living Learning Community approval. Please note: There is a charge per resident for making a room swap.

If you have any questions about room swaps, please call or visit your Regional Desk.

Building Desk Phone

Alder Hall
Elm Hall
Lander Hall
Maple Hall
Mercer Court
Poplar Hall
Stevens Court
Terry Hall

Lander Regional Desk


Haggett Hall
Hansee Hall
Madrona Hall
McCarty Hall
McMahon Hall
Willow Hall

Willow Regional Desk


Nordheim Court Nordheim Court Desk 206-897-1200


Mutual room swap request process

  • Requests will not be approved unless both students have submitted the request form.

  • Room swap requests must be submitted at least three business days before the Friday you want to begin your room swap.
  • You must be eligible to reside in the space that you have requested. If you are requesting to swap into a room in a Living Learning Community, a mixed-gender room or gender-inclusive room, please ensure that you are eligible to reside in that area prior to submitting your request.
  • You may check the status of your request online at any time by visiting your MyHFS Homepage.
  • You may add or remove your name from the request list at any point.

Mutual room swap approval process

  • If your request is approved, room swap instructions will be sent to your UW email account.

  • Requests may be denied if the space is not available, if all students involved in the request have not submitted the request or if you are not eligible to reside in the space you have requested.
  • Your housing account will be charged a room change charge.
  • If your new room rate is different than your current rate, your housing account will be adjusted and prorated to reflect the change beginning on the date of your room swap.

Mutual room swap moving process

  • You may not begin your move before the date stated in the room swap instruction email.

  • Approved moves occur from Friday through Sunday unless otherwise arranged and approved.
  • Room swap instructions must be followed properly. If you do not properly complete your swap, you may incur additional charges on your housing account.
  • Room changes must be completed by the deadline stated in the room change approval/instructions email. 

Additional information

  • If the room rate for the room you are moving into is different than your current assignment, your room rate will be adjusted and prorated the date your swap is scheduled to begin.

  • You may add or remove your name from the request list at any point. 

If you have any questions about the Mutual Room Swap Request process, please contact the Regional Desk of the hall serving the building you are hoping to move in to, or email

The mutual room swap process typically begins soon after autumn quarter starts.

Moving in with a friend

If a space becomes available in your room or if one or more of your roommates is moving out during or at the end of autumn quarter or winter quarter, you may request for a friend to move in with you. Please note that we cannot guarantee all requests can be honored.

Please note:

  • This offer does not apply to single rooms, even if you know the person moving out of a single.
  • We will accommodate as many of these changes as possible, but cannot guarantee all requests will be met. If the space has already been offered to a new resident, we will not be able to grant the request.
  • This offer applies only to rooms in which the vacating resident has already submitted an Agreement Termination Notice.
  • If the vacating student did not submit an Agreement Termination Notice, your request cannot be approved.
  • If your winter break or spring break plans require you to leave before the departing roommate checks out of the room you wish to move to, you will need to arrange for the storage of your belongings. The room you are vacating will be assigned to an incoming resident so it must be empty and clean before you leave for break.

How to make the request:

  • You are responsible for sharing this information with the person you want to move in to your room.
  • All current residents who will be remaining in the room and the friend need to complete the Move in with a Friend Request Form.
  • The request will not be considered unless the form is submitted by all parties.
  • The vacating resident does not need to complete the form. 
  • You may check the status of your request online at any time by visiting your MyHFS Homepage
  • You may add or remove your name from the request list at any point.

Please contact your Regional Desk Supervisor if you have any questions.

The moving in with a friend process typically occurs in early November.

Super-sizing your room

We are typically able to offer students whose roommates have moved out the opportunity to reserve the empty space(s) in the room (super-size) for the remainder of the agreement period. There is an additional cost to super-size your room.

If there is an open space in your room, you may request to super-size by submitting the Super-Size Request form.  

If you choose to super-size your room

  • All extra furniture must remain in your room. 
  • If you are in a room with more than one resident, your roommate(s) must also submit a request to super-size the room. 
  • Super-size requests will be offered on a space available basis.
  • If your request is approved, housing charges will be adjusted beginning the date the request is authorized. You will be charged the additional room rate, prorated from the day the super-size request is approved, for the remainder of the academic year. 
  • You may check the status of your request at any time by visiting your MyHFS Homepage.
  • Super-size approval notifications will be sent to your UW email account.
  • Your room will revert to its original capacity at the end of the academic year (i.e. if your room is currently a double room, it will be a double room again for the next autumn quarter).

Cancelling or declining your super-size request 

  • Prior to your request being approved, you may cancel your super-size request at any time by returning to your MyHFS Homepage. 

  • If you have any questions about the super-size process, please email

The super-size process typically begins in winter quarter.

General room changes

If you would like to move to a different room in a different building, you may make a room change request. Typically we are able to offer room changes beginning in winter quarter. Please note some room types, such as singles and studios, are rarely available.

  • The General Room Change Request (available in winter quarter) will allow you to specify which residence hall(s) and room type(s) you are interested in moving to.
  • Offers are made in the order that requests are received, and are made based on matching space availability. Your room change position and status may not change if a space matching your preference(s) is not available, even if your waiting list position is close to the top.
  • When a space meeting your request becomes available, a room change offer will be sent to your UW email account by a HFS Desk Supervisor.
  • If you decline the offer or do not respond by the deadline specified in the offer email, your name will be removed from the room change waiting list.
  • If you accept an offer, your room change should occur quickly. Room changes generally begin on Fridays and must be completed within 48 hours.
  • If you have already been charged a room change charge, it will not be refunded even if you do not complete your room change. If you apply again and are approved for another room change, you will be subject to another charge.

The general room change process typically begins in winter quarter.

Instructions for changing rooms at any time

After your room change has been authorized, you will be asked to complete the following steps within 48 hours, or by the deadline stated in the emailed instructions. Failure to do so may result in additional charges to your account.

  • Make an appointment with a Resident Adviser (RA) for a virtual room inspection, which should take place no more than 15 minutes before you turn in the keys to your old room at your Regional Desk. Schedule the appointment for when you know your room will be clean and emptied of your belongings.
  • Update your mailing address at MyUW, and notify all publishers and correspondents of your new address.
  • Check in and receive your new keys at your new Regional Desk.
  • Move your belongings to the new room and clean your old room.
  • Meet with the RA for your virtual room inspection.

Complete your room change at your old Regional Desk by turning in the keys to your old room.