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Housing & Food Services

Black Affinity Housing

A white and brown building with trees.


Black Affinity Housing provides a unique living experience for students seeking connection through celebrating Black culture and scholarship.

Black Affinity Housing will be offered starting in Autumn 2024 in partnership with the Office of Minority Affairs & DiversityBlack Student Union, and ASUW Black Student Commission. Open to all incoming and returning students, this community will provide a space within our residence halls to promote personal wellness, social connectedness, and academic success centering the Black student experience. 


Through Residential Advisers and specialized programming and events, Black Affinity Housing seeks to: 

  • Build a community to enhance the sense of belonging and affinity to UW
  • Champion respect for Black culture, identity, and history  
  • Cultivate open and honest conversations surrounding individual and shared experiences 
  • Celebrate the rich and vibrant Black culture worldwide 
  • Promote self-growth and potential through opportunities for academic achievement, civic engagement and career preparedness both in and outside the university community 
  • Create lifelong friendships and a meaningful network of likeminded individuals 

Living Space

Black Affinity Housing will be located on the 8th floor of Lander Hall on West Campus. The floor will accommodate 125 students through a variety of single, double, and triple rooms. Students in Lander Hall are just steps away from:

How to Apply

Black affinity housing will be available starting with the 2024-25 housing application period. New and returning residents will be able to apply through the MyHFS page starting in the 2024 spring quarter. Please reach out to with application questions.  


Looking forward to Black Affinity Housing

"Through the new Black Affinity Housing at UW, I hope that black students get a sense of community and support early on, and easily get to build and maintain meaningful relationships with students that also share similar identities and experiences."

- Nia M.

"The Black Affinity housing also serves as a safe space to be your true authentic self in a place where there's a shared identity. I feel so proud that my school is implementing this necessary step toward accommodating and acknowledging the black experience."

- Trishaunie L.