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Rights and Responsibilities

We expect all members of the UW Housing community—residents, staff and visitors—to act in a manner that demonstrates respect and consideration for those around them including respect and consideration for the health and safety of all community members. The following are expectations for all residents within Housing & Food Services as part of the HFS Health Agreement Addendum. Residents are expected to follow instructions from RA/CA Student Leaders when asked to provide Husky Card information.

  • Face Coverings (masks): Residents must wear a face covering when indoors and in all public and common areas. This includes study rooms, even if you are the only person in the space. Face Coverings need to be worn if visiting a friend in another room even if you are in the same residential community. Face coverings are not required in your own residential room if you are by yourself and/or with your roommate.

Any behavior that puts community health and safety at risk can result in the termination of your Housing Agreement.  

Living on campus at the UW is a unique opportunity and one that may significantly enhance your overall educational experience academically, socially and developmentally. To create and maintain an environment conducive to your success in these areas, Community Standards are in place to guide behavior within the residential community. It is the responsibility of each member of our community to be familiar with and abide by the Community Standards as well as to share in building and maintaining a respectful and productive living and learning environment for one another.

To ensure your understanding of the rights and responsibilities of every resident and guest of UW housing, please familiarize yourself with the standards and procedures listed below as well as the terms and conditions of your respective housing agreement. Your understanding and cooperation will help to make the residential experience positive and enriching for yourself as well as your fellow residents.

Community Standards

Conduct Process

Formal Hearings

Sales and Solicitation

Resident Handbook