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UW Housing Agreements

Apartment Room Changes

Moving to a vacant room  

  1. If you are interested in requesting a room change, please complete this form. Opportunities are very limited based on high occupancy.
  2. If a space becomes available, we will email an offer to your UW email address. 
  3. You must respond by the deadline in your room change offer, otherwise the offer will be retracted, and you will have to submit a new room change request to be put back on the waiting list.
  4. When your room change is authorized, your housing account will be assessed a room change charge.

Mutual swap room changes before moving in for autumn quarter

If you would like to swap assignments with another student before moving in, you may submit a 2023–24 Mutual Room Swap Request. The person you would like to swap with should also submit the request. 

Mutual swaps can usually be accommodated as long as each student is eligible to live in the new room. Some areas have restrictions based on age, gender preference or class level. 

If you would like to swap rooms but do not have someone to mutually swap with, you may use the  Room Swap Message Board as a way to find someone to swap with. 

The before move-in mutual room swap option ends on July 31. 

Mutual swaps after you move in

If, after you move into your assigned room, you and another resident agree to swap rooms, both you and the person you would like to swap with must email hfsinfo@uw.eduwith the following information:

  • Your name, student number, and room assignment;
  • The name, student number, and room assignment of the person you would like to swap with; and,
  • The date you would like the swap to start (must be arranged at least 48 hours in advance).

Mutual swaps can almost always be accommodated, as long as each student is eligible to live in the new room. If you request to swap into a different apartment type (e.g., from a single room in a four bedroom apartment to a studio) your monthly payments will be adjusted based on the date you move into your new room. Each student will be assessed room change charge for voluntary room swaps.

Room inspection

You will be given 48 hours to complete your room change. You must schedule an inspection with your RA/CA at least 24 hours prior to the end of your transfer window. 

Unauthorized room changes

A room change made without written authorization constitutes occupation of more than one room. Therefore:

  • Your housing account will be assessed an improper room change charge.
  • You will be billed for both rooms until you have turned in the keys for your vacated room.
  • You may be required to move back to your originally assigned room.


Charges associated with room changes can be viewed on the Incidental Charges page.