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UW Housing Agreements

Family Housing Transfer Request

Residents of family housing apartments may request a transfer within family housing.

If you are requesting a transfer because a child will be living with you in the future, please update your Student Profile information to reflect this change, complete the Transfer Request for Blakeley and Laurel Village and submit your proof of pregnancy document (if applicable). 


In order to be eligible for a transfer offer: 

  • you must have lived in your current apartments for at least 6 months; and,
  • you must be eligible to live in the apartment you are requesting a transfer into; and, 
  • your Student Profile must be up-to-date and all family documents submitted; and, 
  • you must be in good standing with the Residential Life Conduct and Compliance office; and, 
  • your apartment will be inspected before your transfer request is approved, and you may be required to pay for damages and cleaning; and,
  • your housing account must be in good standing and paid in full.

Transfer request

You may request a transfer by providing information about your transfer preferences. You will only be offered a transfer into an apartment that meets the preferences you state below.

Transfer request status

Your position on the transfer waiting list is determined primarily by the date that your request is submitted and the following criteria: 

  • New applicants who are a Priority 1 status who do not yet live with HFS will be assigned before transfer requests are considered. 
  • Families that have had a change in family size and no longer qualify for the apartment they are currently living in are considered before families who still qualify for the apartment they are living in.

Transfer process

  • You will remain on the transfer waiting list until an apartment becomes available. You may return to this page and check your status or cancel your request at any time. 
  • HFS will contact you once an apartment becomes available for you to transfer to. 
  • If you accept a transfer a transfer charge will be posted to your housing account. 
  • Your transfer will be scheduled for the date that the new apartment becomes available. If that date is less than 2 weeks from the date you accept the transfer, you may push your transfer date out 2 weeks from when you accept the assignment. 
  • You will be given 72 hours to complete your transfer. You will have access to both your current and future apartments while you complete your move. 
  • You must follow move-out procedures
  • HFS will conduct inspections of your original apartment once you accept a transfer offer. The pre-vacate inspection will take place within a few days of accepting your offer and the post-vacate inspection will take place the first business day after you complete your transfer. 
  • Any additional damage or cleaning charges will be posted.