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The Residential Husky Experience

We believe in creating opportunities for our residents to learn and grow.


When you live on campus you'll have opportunities to engage with other students and develop a rich sense of community. Learn more about what it's like to live on campus and discover your place!

Graduate Students

Graduate apartment communities are designed to support academic success and simplify your life. Learn more about what it's like to live on campus as a grad student.

83% of UW students who live on campus rate their experience as "excellent."

Illustration of HFS residents

Opportunities to connect and create community are boundless when you live on campus! 

Undergraduate Housing

Living in the undergraduate residence halls or apartments is a great choice. Learn more about the residence halls and apartments designed for undergrads.

Graduate Student Housing

Being a graduate student can be complicated. Simplify your life by living on campus in UW graduate housing. Learn more about the graduate student apartments.


Perks & Recreation