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Resident Dining Program

Student getting lunch at Local Point in Lander Hall

Residence Hall dining account

All students living in a residence hall are required to have a dining account, unless you live in an apartment or studio apartment.

Student buying produce in District Market in Alder Hall

Apartment dining account

For those students choosing to live in an apartment, we offer an apartment dining account. Tailored to the independence that apartment living provides.

Food and nutrition for special diets

Our resident dining program offers choices for students who:

  • have food allergies or intolerances
  • have medically-related dietary restrictions
  • choose a vegan or vegetarian diet
  • follow religious dietary restrictions or food traditions

We are committed to creating safe and inclusive food experiences. Learn more about where we buy our food on our Food and Nutrition page.

Ask Joyce: your nutritionist

Our resident dining program is created to provide experiences of community, engagement and nutrition. Many of our residents have dietary restrictions or need specific food alternatives. These needs are respected and observed when we do our menu planning.

If you have any challenges navigating our menu offerings, we are here to help. Please contact Joyce Bumgarner, your Wellness Specialist and registered dietician. To schedule a consultation with Joyce you can email or call 206-221-0516.

Dining and shopping close to where you live

Students can eat at any of our 30 dining locations. All dining venues accept the Residence Hall and Apartment dining accounts.

Local Point interior in Lander Hall

Local Point

Dining commons located in Lander Hall.

Center Table interior in Willow Hall

Center Table

Dining commons located in Willow Hall.

District Market interior in Alder Hall

District Market

A full-service grocery located in Alder Hall.

Cultivate interior in Elm Hall


Our Zagat-rated restaurant in Elm Hall.

Leadership and job opportunities

The UW Dining Student Advisory Board works with UW Dining leadership to give voice to our student customers’ interests and concerns as key business decisions are made. The board is comprised of about ten residence hall students and meets several times a quarter.

UW Dining’s leadership team also meets regularly with the Residential Community Student Association (RCSA), giving students a chance for direct feedback regarding dining issues and decisions.

HFS is one of the university’s largest employers of students. We provide millions of dollars a year in wages to students who work to offset the cost of their education. We provide jobs in dining that accommodate your schedule and give you valuable and meaningful work experience.

If you are interested in any of these opportunities, please talk to your RA.

Community events

Throughout the year, we partner with student groups and vendors to bring unique and educational dining experiences to the residential community.

Programs include:

  • Special menus during Black History Month at Local Point and Center Table
  • Cooking demonstrations at the Chef’s Table in Local Point
  • Coffee-related special events and seminars at Husky Grind at Mercer Court

Community events are advertised in your residence hall and through HFS social media.

UW Food Pantry

The UW Food Pantry provides food assistance to students, who for whatever reason are having a hard time putting food on their plate. It could be the result of a short-term disruption in your finances or a lack of access to other financial assistance. If you are making a choice between the food you need to sustain a healthy life and other pressing priorities we encourage you to take advantage of this resource.