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Graduate Students

UW graduate housing is—

Convenient: Pay for everything in just one bill per month—separate from your roommate, flexible billing accommodates your financial aid schedule, and no first-last month’s rent to move in

Independent: We’re there if you need us

Close: Minutes from classes, labs and libraries

Grad student apartments

How to apply for housing

The guide covers room types and rates, what to do before you apply and when to apply.

Housing Application Guide cover
Housing Application Guide TOC
Housing Application Guide, how to apply

Illustration of a variety of food and beverages

Apartment dining account

You need to study, and we love to cook! Students living in UW campus apartments have the option to select a dining account that can be used to cover most or all of your eating expenses or just act as a supplement to your dining budget. Learn more about the apartment dining account—how and where the dining account works and the cost of the different plans.

Amenities for every resident

Area 01

A maker and creative space in Maple Hall

The Mill

Maker space and engineering lab in McCarty Hall

Fitness Center West

A gym in Elm Hall with equipment and classes


Available in every building with $36 on us to start!

Leadership Opportunities

Community programs and leadership training

Free meeting space

Residents can reserve meeting space at no charge

Rick's Café

Student-managed shop featuring $1 ice cream

Free WiFi & Streaming

Husky TV, HBO GO, high-speed connections


Virtual Tours

See how easy it can be to simplify your life. Live on campus!

See all the virtual tours

What our residents are saying

Questions about living on campus?