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Meeting and Event Space


For Registered Student Organizations (RSOs), UW departments and off-campus organizations.

HFS reserves the right to terminate any program without notice or warning for failure to adhere to UW and HFS polices.


  1. The requesting organization must be sponsored by a UW school or department.

  2. A request for Use of University Facilities (UUF) form is required for events open to off-campus attendees.

  3. All requests to reserve meeting space must be made at least 7 business days in advance and no earlier than one year in advance.

  4. Submission of a reservation request does not guarantee your reservation. Only an email confirmation by Conference Services validates your request. 

  5. Series reservations will be considered on a case-by-case basis. For Alder auditorium reservations, RSOs are limited to a maximum of three booked reservations per academic quarter at one time.

  6. No reservations will be accepted for dates that fall during Finals Week or Winter Break. Reservation availability during Spring Break is limited and requires advance written approval from the Resident Director of the host residence hall which must be provided to the Conference Services Office.

  7. Full payment in advance will be required to confirm reservations, and sales tax will be added where applicable. Our cancellation structure will be provided along with your invoice.

  8. Checks (made payable to the University of Washington), Visa, MasterCard and UW budget numbers are accepted methods of payment.

  9. Requests will be granted or denied on a content-neutral basis. Reasonable, content-neutral restrictions on time, place and manner will be applied on a nondiscriminatory basis.

  10. To allow others use of the meeting spaces, the reserving RSO/department/organization will inform the Conference Services Office immediately if the event is cancelled.

  11. Changes in your reservation are subject to availability.


  1. All events must end by midnight.

  2. The facility must be completely vacated by 1 am.

  3. Programs and activities must adhere to all federal, state and local laws, and all UW and HFS policies and regulations including compliance with Courtesy Hours and Quiet Hours.

Set up and clean up

  1. The requesting organization must leave the facility in a reasonable clean condition, remove decorations, reset furniture, power off and ensure the room is secured at the end of the event.

  2. Decorations and other materials may only be hung to the tables, walls and doors using blue painter’s tape. The reserving RSO/department/organization is responsible for removing all tape, decorations and signs from the room and building and will be responsible for any damage caused to the facilities due to improper posting/hanging.

  3. Decorations may not be hung from light or safety fixtures, sprinklers or pipes.

  4. Meeting rooms are provided as-is in their standard room set. Furniture can be moved during your reservation but must be returned to its standard room set at the conclusion of your event (a diagram is posted in each room). Garbage must be removed post-event and tables must be wiped down. Failure to adhere to these guidelines may result in custodial labor charges and possible denial of future meeting space reservation requests.

  5. The reserving RSO/department/organization accepts all liability for any damage done to UW and HFS property resulting from the sponsored event or a related activity. The reserving RSO/department/organization will inform the Conference Services Office of any damages at his/her earliest opportunity but no later than the next business day. The UW and HFS assume no responsibility for loss or damage to a guest’s personal property.

Building policies and access

  1. For events that begin after front desk hours or are booked in a 24-hour locked building, the requesting RSO/department/organization may need to obtain a temporary building access card and/or room keys. All keys and access cards must be returned during desk operating hours, and no later than the following morning. Failure to do so may result in charges for lock changes and/or forfeiture of future room reservations within HFS facilities.
  2. The UW is a smoke-free campus, therefore all HFS buildings are smoke-free.

  3. Fundraising or political events are strictly prohibited.

Safety and security

  1. No exterior exit doors may be propped open to allow guest access. A designee with knowledge of event attendees must be stationed at the door to grant access to attendees. Event attendees should be directed to the room, and vacate the building promptly upon the end of the event. The reserving RSO/department/organization must escort attendees to any nonpublic areas of the building. Adults are responsible for the supervision of youth at all times.

  2. The reserving RSO/department/organization is responsible for ensuring that room fire occupancy is not exceeded during the event.

  3. For larger scale and/or revenue-generating events, at least one uniformed police officer must be hired and paid for by the sponsoring RSO/department/organization or another method of security established acceptable to the Assistant Director for Residential Life.

Publicizing your event

  1. The reserving RSO/department/organization is expected to follow HFS Posting, Sales and Solicitation, and Facility Use and Reservation policies, which can be found on the HFS website.

  2. No off-campus publicity is permitted. No campus publicity, such as in The Daily or announcements at Red Square or the Husky Union Building (HUB), is permitted without the Conference Services Office receiving prior, written approval from the Resident Director of the host residence hall.

Food and beverages

  1. The consumption of alcoholic beverages is prohibited in HFS residence hall meeting spaces unless the event is scheduled through Bay Laurel Catering, follows the terms, conditions and procedures of the Washington State Liquor Control Board banquet permit process, and abides by both UW and HFS policies.

  2. Non-HFS catered food and beverage is prohibited in HFS meeting spaces.

  3. Prepackaged, nonperishable items that do not require preparation, refrigeration or heating are permitted if the requester accepts responsibility for cleanup and disposal.

  4. Outside food/catering and home-prepared foods are prohibited in HFS meeting spaces.

A/V equipment

  1. Functionality or availability of built-in audio/visual technology is not guaranteed by HFS.

  2. Electronic amplification may not be used without prior, written approval from the Resident Director of the host residence hall.

  3. The reserving RSO/department/organization must arrange for appropriate licensing prior to screening films. Permissions must be provided in writing to the Conference Services Office.

Youth programs

The University of Washington promotes safe, high quality engagements with youth that advance the University’s educational and strategic mission.
Under Administrative Policy Statement 10.13 (APS 10.13), the UW has introduced Requirements for University and Third Party Led Youth Programs. This policy and its requirements are to serve as safeguards to protect the well-being of youth participating in University hosted (or sponsored) programs on the UW campus.

  • Mandatory policy requirements for UW Youth Program organizers under APS 10.13 include:
  • Registration of programs in the Youth Program Registration System (YPRS)
  • Authorized personnel background screenings prior to interacting with youth
  • Authorized personnel training
  • Staff conduct in accordance with the University’s Standards for Interacting with Youth
  • Mandatory reporting of behaviors of concern
  • Maintaining safe environments for youth
  • Emergency and safety planning and response appropriate for youth
  • Processing youth personal information in accordance with University privacy policy

Detail on these policies and requirements, as well as answers to common questions can be found at the APS 10.13 Protecting Youth at UW Policy Resource Guide on the UW web site.