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Summer Housing Guide

You are eligible for summer quarter housing if you're currently enrolled at UW’s Seattle campus or are enrolled for autumn quarter, even if you aren't taking summer classes.

How to apply

  • Set Up Your UW NetID and email account.
  • The information required for setup is included with your UW offer of admission.
  • Complete this step at least five days before you apply for housing.

Fill out your HFS Student Profile

Go to your MyHFS Homepage. Your profile determines what housing you are eligible for and uploads your application on the appropriate date. While you are waiting for your housing application to open, here are a few things you can do:

Complete your housing application

Return to your MyHFS Homepage. When your application is available, you will see it listed on your home page. You are now ready to complete your housing application.

Application details

  • You need to agree to the application terms and agreement to apply.
  • You may indicate any roommate request.
  • You will be asked to pay a deposit:
    • A $500 deposit is required for on-campus housing.
    • Paying the deposit is the last step in submitting your application.

Assignment priority

All assignments to the residence halls are made in priority group order:

  • Priority 1 Students who apply by April 10 based on quarters in residence.
  • Priority 2 Students who apply after April 10.
  • Room assignment notifications will be sent starting in mid-May.

Other things you can do

Find out what you should do if you need a disability accommodation.

Agreement cancellation

If you wish to cancel your housing application before you move in, you must do so via your MyHFS Homepage. If you submit your cancellation within one week of submitting your application, you will not be assessed a cancellation charge as long as you have not yet been assigned to a room. If you cancel your application after one week or if you have been assigned, you are subject to a cancellation charge as outlined in your housing agreement. The charge increases as the beginning of the quarter approaches.

Deadlines and charges for cancellation

You will be subject to cancellation charges as shown.

Summer Full Term Charge
Within one week of application submission* $0
On or before May 31, 2020 $150
June 1–20, 2020 $500
On or after June 21, 2020

$500 + full summer term housing charges

Summer A-term only Charge
Within one week of application submission* $0
On or before May 31, 2020 $150
June 1–20, 2020 $500
On or after June 21, 2020 $500 + full A-Term housing charges














Summer B-Term only Charge
Within one week of application submission* $0
On or before June 30, 2020 $150
July 1–21, 2020 $500
On or after July 22, 2020 $500 + full B-Term housing charges




*Applies only if you have not yet been assigned to a room

Dining on campus

The dining account for summer residents depends on which term you applied for. The entire allotment will be available at the beginning of your assigned term. This allotment allows you about $15 per day to spend on dining.

Term Account Available
Full Term $1,055 June 21–August 22
A-Term only $528 June 21–July 22
B-Term only $528 July 22–August 22


Students assigned to single rooms in Stevens Court will be able to opt in to the dining account after assignment notifications are sent.

Your dining account will be terminated at the end of your assigned term. Any unused balance on your dining account will expire. Dining funds are nonrefundable, cannot be transferred to your Husky Card Account, and will not carry over to future terms.

To ensure that your dining funds last you throughout your stay with us, and to avoid forfeiting excess funds, we recommend you monitor your spending habits and adjust if necessary.

Before you arrive

Here are a few helpful things to do before you arrive on campus:

There is a lot to discover about living on campus, and you probably have questions that haven’t been answered here. If you don’t find what you’re looking for there, call us at 206-543-4059 or email us, and we’ll be happy to help!

Shipping items ahead of time

Packages can be sent to your residence hall up to seven days prior to your scheduled move in. These items will not be returned to the sender.

You will receive a notification in your UW email from HFS Desk Services when your package is received. Upon move in, any packages that were not previously delivered to your room will be available for pick up at your residence hall’s front desk.

Moving in

Please review the following information as you make your plans for moving in to the residence halls.


Husky Card: Your UW student ID card (Husky Card) allows you access to your residence hall, dining facilities and amenity spaces. You will be asked to present it at check-in. You may check in by showing another form of photo ID; however, the Husky Card is your key card for access to your building. If you don’t receive your card before you move in, you will need to obtain one from the Husky Card Account & ID Center (Husky Card Office) located on the ground floor of Odegaard Undergraduate Library, Monday–Friday, 8 a.m.–5 p.m.

If you arrive to check in after the Husky Card Office is closed, you will receive a temporary building access card from your residence hall front desk. You must go to the Husky Card Office to obtain your Husky Card the following day when they are open and return your building access card to your residence hall front desk.

Keys: You will be given your room and mailbox keys when you check in. The keys are assigned to you uniquely; avoid switching keys with a roommate. Report lost or stolen keys to your residence hall front desk immediately. Once you have received your keys, you may begin moving into your room.

Red Emergency Backpack: New residents are provided with a red emergency backpack when they first check into their residential community. This comprehensive kit includes water, food rations and other emergency supplies. The contents will remain viable for several years. Please keep your emergency kit for as long as you live with us.

Agreement termination

If you will move out before the end of the summer agreement period, we request that you submit an Agreement Termination Notice prior to your vacate.

You are responsible for paying housing and dining charges for the entire summer period even if you move out before the end of the agreement period. You will not receive a prorated refund of any charges.

Moving out

Please review the following information carefully as you make your plans for moving out of the residence halls.

Checkout process

  • Sign up for a room inspection and checkout appointment at least 24 hours before checking out.
  • Remove all personal belongings, thoroughly clean your room, and return all furniture to its original configuration and location. No personal possessions should be in the room when you check out.
  • In addition to following the standard cleaning guidelines, roommates are responsible for cleaning their bathroom and the chalkboard wall surrounding their residence hall doorway. Any damage or cleaning charges for these areas will be divided equally among the roommates.
  • Meet with a Resident Adviser at the appointed time for your room inspection and checkout appointment. You will be given a copy of your Room Condition Report to sign.
  • Return your keys to your residence hall front desk after your room inspection. Failure to return keys and any temporary building access cards by Saturday, August 22, 2020, will result in charges being placed on your account.


To assist in your move out, carts and vacuums will be available for temporary checkout during Finals Week. Times and locations of cart and vacuum checkout are different in many buildings. Check with your building's Residential Life staff or your residence hall front desk staff to learn specific details. Carts for move out are not available at the Lander Desk.

update your mailing address

Please update your mailing address online via MyUW on or before August 22 (or July 24 for A-Term only). Failure to do so may result in items being delayed or returned to sender, or refunds being misdirected to an incorrect address. Mail will be forwarded for 180 days after you check out. You are encouraged to notify your correspondents of your new address to expedite the delivery of your mail.

Interim housing

You are eligible to live in the residence halls during the period between summer quarter and autumn quarter (interim housing) if you have an active application for the 2020–21 academic year.

Application and assignment

After you have applied for both summer quarter housing and academic year housing, you will be able to see the interim housing application on your MyHFS Homepage.

We will attempt to assign you to your summer quarter room for the interim period.

If you are assigned to a different room for the interim housing period, you will be required to move to your Interim room on the morning of Saturday, August 22, and you must complete your room change by noon.

If you choose to cancel your interim housing application, you may do so with no cancellation charge within one week of submitting your application provided you have not already been assigned to a room. If you cancel after one week or if you have already been assigned, cancellation charges will apply as shown in the Summer Housing Agreement.

If you are assigned to a single room in Stevens Court, you aren't required to have a dining account. However, you may have one if you wish.

End of interim housing

If you are assigned to the same room for interim housing and autumn quarter, you aren't required to take any action at the end of the interim housing period.

If you're assigned to a different room in the residence halls for autumn quarter, you must move from your interim housing room to your autumn quarter room by noon on Saturday, September 19.

If you're assigned to a room in the 12-month apartments for autumn quarter, you must move from your interim housing room to your autumn quarter room by noon on Sunday, September 13.

Detailed instructions on how to complete your room change will be emailed to you. If you do not receive a room change email or if you have questions, please contact the HFS Student Services Office at 206-543-4059 or