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Resident Guide | Blakeley Village and Laurel Village


A kitchen in Blakeley Village with wood cabinets and white appliances

UW employees work together to help promote the safety and security of the campus community. Being on an urban campus means each member of the community needs to be aware of safety and security risks and how to minimize them.

The following are many of the programs, policies and services that exist to help promote your safety and well-being both on and off campus.

How you can help

In your building

  • In case of fire or other emergency, know your building’s evacuation procedures (located on the back of your door).
  • Secure doors and windows when you are alone, when you are asleep at night, and when you leave the room or apartment—even if it’s just for a minute.
  • Look through the peephole to make sure it is someone you know before answering the door.
  • Keep outside doors closed, even if you need to go in and out frequently.
  • Only let people you know into residential buildings.
  • Abide by the regulations stated in your housing agreement.
  • Always let someone know where you are going and when you will return.

On the phone

  • Immediately report any obscene, harassing or threatening phone calls, emails and messages and any suspicious circumstances or activity to your RA/CA or the UWPD at 911. Alert the dispatch operator you are on the UW Campus.
  • Keep emergency telephone numbers readily available including your roommates’ contact information.
  • Keep your emergency contact information up to date via the Student Profile page.

On campus

  • If you see a firearm or hear gunfire, go somewhere safe and secure. Call 911. Alert the dispatch operator you are on the UW Campus. Do not investigate the situation.
  • Be cautious when walking outside after dark. Travel in groups whenever possible or call to request a Husky NightWalk security guard to accompany you to your destination (within a one-mile radius of campus).

Your personal belongings

  • Keep your Husky Card secure. For most residents, it serves as your building key or your checkbook, and for all residents, your identity. Don’t lose it or loan it.
  • Take appropriate steps to secure and insure personal property.
  • Register your bicycle and electronic devices with the UWPD.

Your privacy and safety

HFS will not, under any circumstances, release room or apartment numbers to any person including friends, relatives and parents without written authorization from the student. Although this policy may seem inconvenient at times, it promotes residents’ safety and a more secure living environment within the UW. We en-courage you to make sure your family and friends have your address, room number and telephone number, and that they are aware of the UW housing guest policy.

Protect yourself against the illegal or fraudulent use of your identity. Visit the UWPD website for detailed information about how to protect your personal information, mail, credit/debit card numbers, bank records and computer data.

Protect your personal property

The UW is not responsible for theft or damage to residents’ property in UW housing. To protect your belongings, you are encouraged to:

  • Use an engraver to put your name on valuables such as stereos and computers. This will make them less desirable to thieves and easier to trace if stolen.
  • Register your bicycle and electronics (such as your computer, phone and MP3 player) with the UWPD. If an item is stolen, registration can aid in recovery. Please consult the UWPD for more information.
  • Make a record of the description, serial numbers and identifying characteristics of your valuables. Photos can also serve as useful records.
  • Get renter’s insurance for your possessions or make sure you are covered through your family’s insurance.
  • Report all thefts to the UWPD immediately at 206-685-UWPD (8973)/TTY 206-543-3323.

Campus safety resources

  • Husky NightWalk provides uniformed escorts for students walking to and from buildings, from parking lots and within close proximity of the campus. Husky NightWalk operates from 6 pm–2 am, seven days a week except UW holidays. Visit the Husky NightWalk page to learn more about their hours and call 206-685-WALK (9255).
  • If you stay on campus after dark, take the NightRide Shuttle home. The NightRide Shuttle takes you from campus right to your front door (within a mile of campus). Visit the NightRide Shuttle page to learn more.
  • SafeCampus is a resource for individuals who have safety concerns due to relationship violence, stalking, harassment, intimidation, cyberstalking, interpersonal conflicts at school or work, and suicidal thoughts. They also receive calls where there isn’t a safety concern yet, but the witnessed behavior is strange, erratic, alarming, or just plain doesn’t feel right. For individuals who have a gut feeling that something is off, or if a situation is escalating or someone may be in danger, please call SafeCampus at 206-685-7233.