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resident guide

Mail and packages

Residents at work in the mail room

Depending on where you live on campus, how you send and receive mail and packages will differ. Scroll to your neighborhood to learn more.

Your mailing address

In order to direct mail and packages your items must be addressed correctly and include:

  • Your name (official UW name or your preferred name in your My UW/Identity profile)
  • Your assigned room number
  • The name of your residence hall

Where to find your Residence hall or apartment address

Your address on campus can be found on each building's webpage. Search your building name on our site or link to your building from the Undergraduate Communities page.

North Campus residence halls (Hansee, Madrona, McCarty, McMahon and Willow) must have the 98195 zip code. If 98195 is not used, then mail may not be delivered.

West Campus

When you receive a package

  • Packages for West Campus residents are delivered to the Lander Desk.
  • Packages are processed within 24 hours of delivery (this includes packages from Amazon).
  • Processing time can increase during high-volume periods like autumn quarter Move-in, Black Friday and Cyber Monday.
  • A notification will be sent to your UW email when your package is ready for pickup.
  • You may also opt-in for text message notifications regarding your packages. Text message settings can be found in your MyHFS portal, under Edit Your Contact Information.
  • You will receive multiple notifications for each package depending on their current status.

How to pick up your package

To pick up your package bring your Husky Card or other photo ID to the Lander desk. The desk services team will retrieve your package and have you sign that you received it.


You've got mail!

  • Letters are delivered to your assigned mailbox which is near the Lander desk.
  • Check your mailbox. You will not receive notification that mail has been placed in your mailbox.

Outgoing mail and packages

  • You may drop off letters at the Lander desk or into the outgoing letter box.
  • Drop-off packages at the Lander desk.
  • All packages must be sealed, have the proper paperwork, labels, and postage.
  • Desk Services does not sell postage or shipping supplies. Please purchase these items from the USPS store or from your favorite retailer.

North campus

When a package arrives

  • Packages for North Campus residents may be picked up from the package lockers 24 hours a day
  • An email notification is sent to your UW email that contains a pin number, QR code and locker bank where your package is stored.
  • Packages that are too large to fit in the package lockers or that require special handling can be claimed from the Willow Hall mail service window during business hours.
  • Bring your Husky Card ID to claim your package


  1. Locate the correct locker bank as indicated in your package notification email.
  2. Touch the screen of the locker bank console to begin.
  3. Either type in your pin or scan the barcode to open the correct locker door.
  4. Retrieve your package.
  5. Finally, be sure to close the locker door firmly. (If a locker door is not closed, the next person will not be able to use the console.

Watch our video about using the package lockers.

You've got mail!

  • Your mail will be available for pickup at the Willow Desk
  • Letters are typically processed within 24–48 hours of delivery
  • You will receive an email when your letter is ready for pickup
  • Bring your photo ID or Husky Card to retrieve your mail

Outgoing mail

  • Letters can be dropped off at the Willow desk.
  • Desk Services does not sell postage or shipping supplies. Please purchase these items from the USPS store or from your favorite retailer.

Nordheim Court

Package pick up

  • If you live at Nordheim Court, incoming packages will be delivered to the Nordheim Desk.
  • Bring your Husky Card or other photo ID to the front desk 
  • Verify your room number
  • Sign for the delivery

Mail delivery

  • Letter mail is handled directly by USPS and is delivered directly to your mailbox.

If you cannot pickup your package

There may be times when you are unable to retrieve packages within the seven days allowed for pickup. If that happens, you may arrange for someone else to pick up your package. To authorize someone else to pick up your packages, you must complete the Proxy Package Pickup form.