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resident guide

Set up your space

Residents in room playing card game

Welcome to your Husky Home! You probably won't spend a lot of time in your room, but when you do you want it to be just right. Have fun and make the most out of your new space! 

Free high-speed internet and Wi-Fi

  • Free high-speed internet and Wi-Fi is available in all public areas of the residence halls. Most rooms have Wi-Fi in residential areas; McMahon Hall has high-speed internet via ethernet connection that you can hook up to a personal Wi-Fi router.
  • Ethernet is available in every room, with a high-speed connection that enables residents to use UW computing resources and includes access to the Internet and email.

Cable TV

HuskyTV is the cable and streaming TV service for the UW Seattle campus. It offers more than 100 channels of digital TV, 80 channels of live streaming TV, a cloud-based Digital Video Recorder (DVR) and includes Showtime Anytime. Take a break and pass the popcorn! Learn more about HuskyTV.

Change your bed height

Many students like to loft their bed to create additional space underneath for storage or their desks. In buildings with metal beds, you can change the height of the bed to suit your needs. Watch our video to learn how.

When you move out, please make sure all furnishings are arranged according the original layout. For metal beds, this includes resetting the original bed height to the second rung from the bottom.

How to adjust your heat

Our buildings, (exceptions noted below) are equipped with heat-only Eco Thermostats, which promote energy and carbon reduction. Our heat-only thermostats regulate room temperature by controlling the heating system. A heat-only thermostat has two controls:

  • An On/Off switch
  • Temperature adjustment buttons

For more about using your thermostat, watch our video!

Hansee Hall and McMahon Hall radiators

In Hansee Hall and McMahon Hall, the temperature is controlled by a central heating system. Individual radiators can be turned on or off for some comfort-level adjustment; however, the building’s temperature is centrally set.

  • Residents can adjust the radiator in their room.
  • For concerns about building temperature control or to report a temperature concern, please submit a work order.

Stevens Court apartments have individual furnaces

Stevens Court has central heating. Each apartment has its own furnace. There is a thermostat in the living room area that controls the heat for the apartment. There are also registers in each apartment that can be opened to control airflow.

Nordheim Court electric baseboard heating

Nordheim Court has electric baseboard heating. Residents can adjust the temperature using the thermostat in their apartment.