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resident guide


Student in U-District Link Light Rail station

Parking near your building

Depending on where you live on campus, parking areas and loading zones may not be located close to your building. Please be aware of this before making arrangements for parking, ride share pick-up and drop-off or food deliveries.

A map of parking areas can be found on the UW website.

This awareness is especially important for students with temporary or permanent disabilities. If you need assistance, please talk to your RA or contact Disability Resources for Students (DRS).

DRS recognizes disability as an aspect of diversity that is integral to society and to our campus community. DRS staff work with admitted University of Washington (UW) students to ensure equal access to UW academic programs and services. 


The U-PASS program provides ļ¬‚exible, low-cost transportation choices. Ride free on regional buses, commuter trains, light rail and water taxis.


Bicycles serve as an excellent means of transportation to and around campus. Bicycle lanes and trails provide safe spaces for riding, and all city buses have easy-to-load bike racks for longer trips. For detailed information about rules and laws about riding on and off campus, visit UW Transportation Services.

Bike safety

Bicycles must not be left in hallways, exit-ways, ramps or on railings as they are a dangerous barrier to evacuation during a fire. Bicycles obstructing an evacuation path may be ticketed and impounded by the UWPD. Keep bicycles in bike rooms or locked to bike racks located outside each building.

For more about bike safety, including discounts on gear, visit the UW Bike Security page.

Parking Permits

You are allowed parking for one vehicle per unit at a time.  To receive your permit please bring your vehicle’s title and registration and a valid driver’s license when you check-in at the Blakeley Village Community Center. If you have questions about the process, you can contact them via email at